The Friday Five, 5/11/18: 5 things I've been up to this week

I spent last Thursday through Monday in Savannah, and although I had a great time, it was super hot—about 85 every day—so I am glad to be back to our 70s-ish Michigan weather. Luckily, my back improved a bit so I was able to walk around—I walked about 10,000 to 14,000 steps per day, according to my Fitbit. My next adventure is Israel next month, through Birthright, and I'm glad to have a month or so at home before that.

Forsyth Park, Savannah, Georgia
Forsyth Park, Savannah
What I've been up to this week:
  1. Traveling. Like I said, I was in Savannah for a long weekend (Thurs. to Mon.). This was my second time there—the first time was actually the same dates, but 5 years ago, in 2013, with a friend who was living in Atlanta at the time, so it was only a 4-hour drive there. This time, I flew into Savannah (by way of Atlanta, actually) and I had about 4 days there. I was in town for Unofficial Yelp Spring Break, and I had a fun time with both new and old Yelp friends exploring the city.
  2. Seeing The King and I. I returned from Savannah on Monday and a friend and I went to the opening night of The King and I at the Fox Theatre in Detroit on Tuesday night. I think I was thinking more about Anna and the King (1999 movie) because the ending of The King & I was surprising to me. However, overall I enjoyed the show, and would recommend it.
  3. Seeing movies. I saw Overboard yesterday and liked it—I'd give it 3.5 out of 5 stars. It's apparently a remake, too—the original, from 1987, starred Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell, and now I want to see it. Anna Faris stars in this one and it was a cute fluff movie.
  4. Enjoying the weather. I did enjoy the weather in Savannah, despite the high temps, as it was sunny for 99% of the time (it sprinkled for a second one day). When I got back to Michigan, it was nice and temperate here, too (about 65-75 every day) which is my ideal temperature. 
  5. Giordano's and Ready Player One. Today, some friends and I are going to go to Giordano's in Detroit and then Ready Player One afterwards—Giordano's is one of my favorite Chicago-style pizza places, but I have been wanting to try out Ready Player One (an arcade bar) and haven't yet. A few of us are also going to Uber or Lyft there because there's a Tigers game downtown and it will be easier than driving. 
River St., Savannah

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