The Friday Five, 6/22/18: 5 things I've been up to this week

There was no Friday Five last week because I was in Israel - I was there from Sunday 6/10 through Sunday 6/17, and I flew back through Newark on the 17th and took a flight back to Detroit the next day, on the 18th. My jetlag has been slowly improving throughout the week but on Monday I definitely crashed hard and went to bed at 9pm ...

Dead Sea, Israel
Dead Sea, Israel
What I've been up to this week:
  1. Traveling. Israel was amazing and I'm very glad I went, even though I'm still finding it hard to walk this week ... we climbed up and down Masada (see picture below) and although I'm not THAT badly out of shape (I walk and do zumba weekly, or at least I try to), it still kicked my butt, albeit providing some awesome photos. If you're Jewish and age 18-32, you should check out Birthright here - they recently extended it to ages 27-32 which is how I was able to go.
  2. Planning my next few trips. I am the type that comes home from a trip, unpacks my suitcase the same day, and then the next day is already planning another trip. My boyfriend and I are going to Fennville for one night tomorrow, staying at the Hop & Vine Inn (check back soon for a review), and I'm also hoping to get to The Southerner (BEST fried chicken) and Grand Haven. I'll also be visiting family in Rhode Island in a few weeks, and headed to Chicago for a work conference the week after that.
  3. Cooking. I received my first Blue Apron box on Tuesday, and although the meals have been extremely tasty, I'm not a fan of their organizational skills (or lack of) ... with both Home Chef and Hello Fresh, meals are grouped in bags, so the only thing you have to add to the bags are the meats (which are under ice packs). With Blue Apron, all of the ingredients are in the one initial box, and only certain things are grouped together (mostly sauces and small ingredients). I'm not sure why they can't follow HF/HC's lead and go from there. 
  4. Seeing movies. I saw the Mr. Rogers movie (Won't You Be My Neighbor?) yesterday with my parents and am planning on seeing Incredibles 2 on Sunday too. There are a lot of movies out that I'd like to see, too: Gotti, Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, and Tag round out the list.
  5. Finding new places to shop. I checked out Hips for the first time, in Clawson, yesterday, and sold a few shirts to them; I didn't make much money from it but they were shirts that are now too small for me and were just sitting in my closet. However, I'll definitely be returning to shop there, as they had a great selection of clothes and accessories.
Masada Fortress, Israel. I climbed this! (up AND down ...)

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