Review: Drybar (Birmingham, MI) provides a luxurious hair blowout experience

*Disclosure: I was treated to a blowout at Drybar in exchange for this post. The opinions expressed here, however, are my own.

Drybar is now open in Birmingham, Michigan! I had heard of Drybar before experiencing it this past Monday, but I had never been before. Drybar does not cut hair, but will wash and style your hair for you - perfect for a special occasion or if you want to treat yourself.

The first thing I noticed when I walked in was how modern and clean it looked - I loved the design of the salon. Drybar is located right on West Maple, but you might have to get creative with parking because Old Woodward is currently under construction.

courtesy of: Drybar

When you arrive at Drybar, you're offered snacks (they had mini cookies and other things) and a beverage. I chose a mimosa, which was a fun indulgence for a Monday. After that, you're whisked away to get your hair washed—definitely a good thing, because I had been doing some mall-walking earlier that day—and then you're brought back to the styling area.

Your stylist will ask you what style you would like for your hair. I wasn't sure which one to choose so I asked for suggestions, and she suggested the Cosmo, which is described as having lots of loose curls.

The whole process only took about an hour or so, and my hair looked GREAT afterwards! I was very pleased with the outcome.

My stylist and everybody at the salon was very friendly, as well, from the moment I entered Drybar to the moment I left. 

My blowout lasted about two days. Keep in mind temps have been in the 90s, both here and in Rhode Island (where I am this week), so that was not too bad keeping that in mind.

Blowouts at the Birmingham Drybar are $45 (plus tip, if you desire). You can also sign up for their membership, which is $80/month and includes 2 blowouts per month, a free blowout during your birthday month, and more.

Overall I highly recommend Drybar! It was nice to get pampered during the week, and I would go back there if I had a special occasion coming up or something that I wanted to look nice for.

Drybar is located at 137 W. Maple Road, Birmingham, MI, and can be reached on its website or at (248) 566-1793.

Have you ever gone to a "blowout bar" before? If so, how was your experience?

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