The Friday Five, 7/27/18: 5 things I've been up to this week

Before you ask: nope, I'm not feeling any better. In fact, I may actually be worse ... ugh. Last weekend I had a fever of 103, almost 104; since then, it's gone down to about 99 to 100, and only at night, luckily. But I've been coughing a lot all week, and because of that, I worked at home on Monday and Tuesday, and am working at home today as well.

Home Chef Turkey and Avocado Tostadas - delicious!

What I've been up to this week:

  1. Cooking. Other than a quick trip to Mr. Kabob Xpress (in Troy - my favorite Mediterranean quick eats place) on Sunday, I've been staying inside and cooking instead of eating out. Luckily, I had a Sunbasket box to finish up, and I also received a Home Chef delivery on Tuesday. On Tuesday night I cooked a Sunbasket meal called Spanish-style chicken and quinoa with fire-roasted tomatoes, which was delicious, and reminded me of one of the very early Hello Fresh meals I made (stuffed peppers with beef and quinoa). On Wednesday night I cooked turkey and avocado tostadas, and on Thursday I cooked "yang yang" beef, both from Home Chef. (and if you want $30 off a Home Chef box: click here, or for $40 off your first Hello Fresh box, click here. Home Chef + Hello Fresh are my two favorites thus far from all the subscription boxes I have tried.)
  2. Seeing movies. I was hoping, and am still hoping to, see the new Mamma Mia! movie this week, but because of my cough I've been staying away from the movies. I did make it on Saturday night to see The Equalizer 2, though, and I'd give that one 3.5/5 stars. If my cough clears up soon I'd also still like to see Leave No Trace, Skyscraper, Blindspotting, and the new Mission: Impossible film, too.
  3. Taking Uber to a doctor's appointment. This was a new one for me but I wasn't sure if I was well enough to drive (I had a fever and felt a little "tipsy" because of it), so I took Uber from Clawson to Farmington Hills, where my doctor's office is located. After my appointment, my dad picked me up there and took me home - which was a good thing because I had to stop by Beaumont for a chest X-ray afterwards. 
  4. Looking forward to trips. I have no more air travel until October, for work—probably a good thing, because I'm fairly certain I got this sick from three trips (Israel, Rhode Island, Chicago) practically in a row—but I have a few road trips coming up. On August 3rd, my boyfriend and I are driving to Portage, MI to visit a college friend and her husband, and another college friend will be going as well; on August 10th, two girlfriends and I are headed to Grand Haven for my annual girls trip (5th year running), and we have an Airbnb house that we will be staying at. Both should be fun assuming my cough has cleared up by then.
  5. Starting and finishing a really good book. I don't make as much time for reading anymore as I should (especially considering my ridiculous TBR piles—yes, PILES, plural), but I received Josh and Hazel's Guide to Not Dating, by Christina Lauren, as part of a book tour for my book blog, and I literally read it in 2 days. I love all of Christina Lauren's stuff, so that's not super surprising, but I was still surprised I read it that fast. My book tour date isn't until September 8th, unfortunately, but the book is out on September 4th, so check it out and pre-order it if it sounds interesting to you. (I recommend it for fans of romance and/or cute stories!)
Sunbasket's Spanish-style chicken and quinoa with fire-roasted tomatoes - yum

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