The Friday Five, 8/24/18: 5 things I've been up to this week

I'm extremely tired as I write this, as I went to a concert at St. Andrew's last night (Plain White T's), got home at a semi-reasonable-ish hour (11:30pm), but then for some reason stayed up until 1am. Not the best decision ...

Plain White T's at St. Andrew's, Detroit
Plain White T's at St. Andrew's, Detroit

What I've been up to this week:

  1. Experiencing Troy Restaurant Week. Troy Restaurant Week—of which the last day is today—is one of my favorite weeks, because I get to try out restaurants that normally might be too expensive for me. On Sunday, I took my boyfriend to Ruth's Chris, for an early anniversary dinner, and all of the food was fantastic. On Tuesday, coworkers and I tried out Station Square, which is where the old Papa Vino's used to be (Coolidge/Maple Rd. area, in the Kroger plaza) and that was very good as well. Tonight, some Yelp friends and I are going to try out Eddie V's, which I've been wanting to try for about 2 years now, ever since it opened. I will have to compare the steak there to Ruth's Chris's! (which was fabulous, so it's going to be a tough comparison...)
  2. Mourning the "end" of MoviePass. Not to say that it's now defunct, but my billing period started over today, and it's now much different: 3 movies per month (for the same price, still, $9.95), and if you want to see more, they say there are discounts of $2 to $5 per movie ... yeah, we'll see how that works. I don't entirely trust it. So now I will probably have to "save" my 3 movies for the weekends. I also plan on supplementing with one or two MJR $5 Tuesday movies. Usually I see about 1 to 2 movies per week, though, so if it turns out it's not enough, I may switch to AMC's A-List plan, which allows you to see 3 movies per week, and you can book ahead of time and also see 3D and IMAX movies. (but I'm rather partial to MJR Troy, vs. AMC John R, hence why I'm staying with MP for now)
  3. Zumba and walking. Trying to get back into zumba—between traveling and being sick this summer, I skipped about 7 weeks of it—and I mall-walked with coworkers three times this week. I usually like to walk on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. (Mondays I'm always exhausted because I do that and zumba!)
  4. Seeing lots of movies. I tried to get a lot of use out of my MoviePass before the system switched over. My boyfriend and I saw BlacKkKlansman on Saturday, which was very good (4/5 stars); on Tuesday, I saw Dog Days, which was very cute (3.5/5 stars); and on Wednesday, I drove to Main Art to see The Miseducation of Cameron Post, which I also liked (4/5 stars). Chloe Moretz was excellent in the lead role in that movie.
  5. Liking this cooler weather ... while it lasted. For like a day or two, it felt like fall—it was maybe 65-70 degrees out—and felt really nice. On Thursday, though, it was back to 70-80+ degree weather, so summer was back again.
Filet mignon at Ruth's Chris, Troy - comes in a plate of sizzling butter! So good.

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