The Friday Five, 9/14/18: 5 things I've been up to this week

This was another busy week, and I capped it off by attending the White Boy Rick red carpet premiere at Emagine Novi last night—check back later today for a review.

What I've been up to this week:
  1. Seeing movies and attending a red carpet premiere. On Wednesday, I used my last MoviePass "credit" of the billing period (we get to see 3 movies per billing period now) to see Juliet, Naked, at Birmingham 8, which I enjoyed a lot—I'd give it 4/5 stars. Their new recliners are quite nice, too. Yesterday, I saw White Boy Rick, at Emagine Novi, which I would give 3.5 out of 5. 
  2. Cooking. I ate the majority of my meals at home this week, and I had some Blue Apron meals to cook over the weekend and some Home Chef meals to cook during the week. On Saturday night, my boyfriend and I cooked a spicy chicken dish; the chicken was okay, but the sides were great—corn with honey butter, and a coleslaw mix. On Sunday night, we cooked Mexican beef bowls, which were tasty. On Tuesday, I cooked Steak Diane, from Home Chef, which I liked but which had a lot of dairy in it, and on Wednesday night, I cooked Pork Egg Roll Bowls, which were delicious.
  3. Getting an oil change for my car. And next week I will probably bring my car to Belle Tire for a new battery. Yay for spending money on car things! (not.)
  4. Purchasing macarons. On Saturday, a friend is throwing a macaron taste-test party, which I'm attending with a few other friends, and we are all buying macarons from different bakeries to taste. We are all bringing 6 raspberry—strawberry, in my case, because I'm going to Cannelle in Birmingham and they don't have raspberry—and 6 of our choice. I am bringing passionfruit macarons for my 6 choices ones.
  5. Donating some groceries. I put up a sponsored Instagram post this week—something I rarely do, actually—and it involved making a donation to Hospitality House, over in Commerce Township. You can check the photo out here.
Pork Egg Roll Bowl meal from Home Chef

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