The Friday Five, 1/18/19: 5 things I've been up to this week

I'm sick, AGAIN, because my body hates me ... before I went to NYC on Friday, I had a cold and a cough, and now the cough is worse. I finished a 30-day round of pills on Wednesday, too, and on Thursday my body rebelled against me ... at one point I had a 103.8 fever. Fun stuff.

However, my NYC trip was fun, at least.

What I've been up to this week:
  1. NYC trip. I was in NYC from Friday through Monday, and previously I hadn't visited for about 6.5 years. I met up with a friend (in the pic above) who used to live there, and whom now lives in upstate New York, so she took the train in to meet me. We saw 3 different shows—King Kong, a Golden Girls drag show, and Waitress—ate a lot of good foods, went shopping, and met up with friends. 
  2. Seeing friends. On the NYC trip, we met up with two of my Birthright friends for dinner on night 1—one lives in Queens and works in the city, and one lives in New Jersey. On Saturday, for lunch and dessert we met up with a middle school and high school friend of mine, who has lived in the city for a while now.
  3. Seeing The Upside. On Wednesday, my boyfriend and I saw The Upside, which was good—I'd give it like 3.5/5 stars—although the original French movie from 2012, The Intouchables, was better, IMO. 
  4. Celebrating my birthday and getting birthday freebies! My NYC trip was partially a birthday trip—my birthday was this past Sunday, on 1/13—and on the day of, I stopped at the Starbucks directly across the street from our hotel (there were SO many Starbucks' in NYC!) to get my free drink, which you can only get ON your birthday, and then we actually went to Panera to get another free drink, which I gave to my friend, lol ... 
  5. Burning a dinner ... oops. I made Dinnerly quesadillas on Tuesday night and the last step was that you had to broil them. My broiler on "high" is SUPER hot, so I tried "low" first. That wasn't doing the trick, so I changed it to high ... and they came out rather charbroiled. One was actually on fire! Oops. 
Pommes Frites, in NYC! You choose however many dipping sauces you want

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