Winter Break fun in Detroit with the 2018 Mazda6 Signature sedan

*Disclosure: I received the use of a vehicle for a week in exchange for this post. The opinions expressed here, however, are my own.

Last week, I had the week off of work, and was able to try out the 2018 Mazda6 Signature sedan, which was quite a treat—not only is it a gorgeous car, but it also has quite a few special features.

My original plan for last week was to drive to Portage for New Year's Eve, but schedules unfortunately didn't allow for that, so instead I stayed local with the Mazda6. I did quite a bit of shopping and eating, and also drove it to South Lyon for a friend's New Year's Eve party.

The first thing that I noticed about the car, of course, was its exterior color—the official name is "Soul Red Crystal," and my pictures don't really do it justice; it's very, very pretty. Red is one of my favorite colors, and my personal vehicle is dark blue, so I was excited to drive a red car for the week.

I'm familiar with Mazda vehicles at this point, as I've reviewed a few of them, and this is probably one of the nicest ones I had the pleasure of reviewing. Even though it's a sedan, there was plenty of room for my family and I, and my dad, who is 6'2", said he was very comfortable in the front seat.

There is also ample trunk space, as well as backseat space. One of my errands last week was to go to Lowe's and purchase a stepladder for my house, and we were able to fit it into the backseat on the way home.

I also frequently used the Sirius XM satellite radio throughout the week, as well as the Mazda6's navigation system, which was excellent. As per other Mazda cars I've driven, this car had the Mazda radar cruise control, which was fantastic—on the highway, you can basically just set the cruise control and let the car do the work for you, as it will accelerate or decelerate as needed, based on traffic.

The car also has a backup camera, as well as a birds-eye view, which was my first experience with that—definitely useful to see what's around you, and make sure no one is pulling out of any parking spaces nearby.

The Mazda6 also has an "active driving display," which is a little pop-up thing of sorts that tells you your speed, what the speed limit is, and any navigation directions that are coming up.

In addition, the car had both heated seats and a heated steering wheel—although it wasn't that cold here in Michigan last week, I did use the heated steering wheel quite a few times, and it's a feature that I definitely wish my personal vehicle had. There's even an "air conditioned" seat feature for the summertime, when your seat might be hot.

I always like to try out the backseat of cars I review, usually on the last day that I have the car, and so we didn't realize until later in the week that the backseat actually has heated seats as well—it was funny because my mom had been saying she wanted to sit in the front all week, for the heated seats, so she was definitely surprised when I told her about this feature!

There are also vents in the backseat so that your guests can have heat or air conditioning.

The car also had other Mazda features that I've now grown accustomed to, such as the lane departure warning, lane keep assist, and blind spot monitoring.

One thing I did notice was that if you are in the car, and it's already been started, you cannot open the trunk. My parents liked this feature because it could possibly keep the trunk from accidentally being opened mid-drive.

The car also comes equipped with a top-of-the-line Bose sound system, and you can tell: when I was listening to Sirius XM radio and also local stations throughout the week, the sound was crystal clear. In addition, the one I drove had power seats, as well as a power moonroof.

The Mazda6 Signature gets 26 miles per gallon (23 city, and 31 highway) and starts at $34,750. The specific vehicle I drove retails for $36,690, with fees.

To learn more about the Mazda6 Signature, click here.

Have you ever driven a Mazda6 or a Mazda6 Signature? If so, how was your experience?

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