The Friday Five, 3/15/19: 5 things I've been up to this week

The fevers are back, and continuing ... super fun. I saw a different doctor this week and she wants me to keep a fever diary of sorts, so I will start doing that. I love waking up not knowing if I'll feel good in the morning! (/sarcasm)

Caramel chicken, from Dinnerly
What I've been up to this week:
  1. Cooking. I had a Dinnerly delivery from last week, so I made caramel chicken (see pic above), which was tasty, as well as some pan-fried gnocchi, which was excellent. I skipped a box delivery this week because I was too busy doing this:
  2. Eating out. Last Friday we were in Toledo, so we had (free, yay) breakfast at the hotel and then went to a random Chinese place in Port Clinton for lunch. Dinner was RO Restaurant Week at Cafe Muse ... the food was good but overall it was kind of meh. On Sunday, I did Troy Restaurant Week with Yelp friends at Fogo de Chao; the food is always excellent there, but waitservice wasn't great this time. I did TRW again on Tuesday, with coworkers, for lunch at Cantoro—first time there and it was excellent. That night, I went to the Blue Nile with friends, for the first installment of our international dinner club that we just established, and the next day I did happy hour at Granite City with my parents, before Hamilton. Tonight, my boyfriend and I are going to try Gran Castor for the last night of TRW, too. 
  3. Traveling. Toledo last week was fun, and we also ventured up to Port Clinton, OH to get chased by deer at the African Safari Wildlife Park. Tomorrow, I am going to Miami with a friend for her birthday weekend, so I hope I feel well enough to enjoy the vacation. I'm looking forward to some sun and some pool and beach time. 
  4. Pi Day party. A friend had a get-together last weekend for Pi Day, and we all brought various types of pies; I actually brought a cheesecake that I had received as a work sample. He made homemade Shepherd's Pie, and I don't usually like lamb, but it was delicious. 
  5. Being poked and prodded. On Thursday, I went to see a different doctor for the fevers, etc. that I've been having, and she took two samples of blood, 15 minutes apart. One was taken directly from my arm (vs. the crook of my arm) and I have a nice, large bruise there today ... fun times. I will hopefully find out some information next week. 
Cantoro, Troy - beautiful atmosphere + great food

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