The Friday Five, 3/8/19: 5 things I've been up to this week

Other than going to Portage, I really didn't do much last week or this week. By the time you read this I will be in Toledo, though—I went there yesterday for a screening of Star Trek II and a Q&A with William Shatner, at the Stranahan Theater, which should be fun. I saw William Shatner a few years ago at Motor City Comic Con, too, and he's a funny guy.

Turkey- and quinoa-stuffed peppers, from Plated. Very tasty.

What I've been up to this week:
  1. Traveling. We took a quick trip to Portage to visit friends last week (Thursday and Friday), which mostly consisted of eating and and also playing games ... Machi Koro in particular is a favorite. This week is Toledo, but I still worked until about 2pm on Thursday. 
  2. Fevers. My fever is back ... ugh. It just pops up randomly, whenever it wants. On Wednesday, I woke up feeling crappy, with a 101.0 fever, so I worked from home that day. I'm trying to see a new doctor for it but of course no one ever returns phone calls ... that would be way too much to ask ... 
  3. Cooking. I had a Plated delivery last week, and although they were one day late, I really like their food and meals. They print out the menu cards for you, as well (at $71/week, they definitely should, although I think I paid around $38 for this box with discounts). I received a Dinnerly delivery this week but haven't cooked anything yet. 
  4. Baby shower. My boyfriend's sister-in-law had her baby shower this weekend, actually at the same place where his sister had hers about two months ago (the babies are only like two months apart). Hers was a bit more laid-back and was very quick, I left like 1.5 to 2 hours after I had arrived there. 
  5. Trying broccoli crust pizza (and liking it). Sometimes I get food samples for work, and Spinato's sent me a ton of their new broccoli crust pizza. I finally got to try it on Wednesday night (had no desire to actually "cook," since I was sick and tired) and it was very good. The only problem is that a serving size is 1/3 a pizza, and I ate the whole thing! It's thin crust and very tasty. 

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