The Friday Five, 5/10/19: 5 things I've been up to this week

This week has been crazy busy and is my "hobo week," as I call it, because I was in Rosemont, IL (suburban Chicago area) from Tuesday through Thursday for work; I came home yesterday, and then unpacked and repacked, because today I go to Ann Arbor for the Cinetopia Film Festival, where I'll be seeing movies until Sunday night.

Thai turkey meal from Plated
Thai turkey meal from Plated

What I've been up to this week:

  1. Seeing movies. I knew I might get a little bored at night in Rosemont, since it's not downtown Chicago, so I saved one of my AMC A-List movies for it. On Friday, my boyfriend and I saw Long Shot, which was actually super funny; I'd give it 4/5 stars. On Sunday, a friend and I saw The Intruder, which was as cheesy as I thought it would be (2.5/5 from me), and on Tuesday, in Rosemont, I saw Bolden, which was interesting but kind of all over the place—2.5/5 from me on that, too. I did a count and I'll be seeing about 23 movies during Cinetopia, but that's over the next week and a half. 
  2. Cooking and eating out. Last week I had a Plated delivery, and I cooked the Thai turkey bowl meal that you see above, which was delicious. On Friday, my boyfriend and I went to Beau's, in Bloomfield Hills, for their happy hour, and on Saturday night, my parents and I went to Maggiano's, for a combo late birthday meal for my mom/early Mother's Day dinner. On Sunday, for Cinco de Mayo, I had won a $25 gift card from @girlsgonehungry for MEX, so I met up with a friend for lunch there. When I was in Rosemont, I also met up with a coworker friend at Portillo's, which is a Chicago-area staple; I tried out their beef sandwich this time (wasn't a fan, unfortunately) but normally I get a Chicago dog there. 
  3. Attending the Food Safety Summit, for work. This was the reason I was in Rosemont, and it was actually a pretty interesting conference. I attended from Tuesday through Thursday, and it was at the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center. My hotel was attached to the convention center via skywalk, so that was super convenient, too. 
  4. Trying not to yell at people who jiggle their legs during conference sessions. ...why do people do this? I sat next to at least THREE people over two days who did this. I'm very Type A and for some reason this drives me insane ... 
  5. Hanging up my new canvases. I did a post on last week, and they accidentally sent me doubles of each canvas, so I was able to keep two of the four for myself, which was nice. I ended up hanging them up downstairs near my bathroom. 
AMC Rosemont. Had a nice vintage feel! Nice theater.
AMC Rosemont. Had a nice vintage feel! Nice theater.

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