The Friday Five, 5/17/19: 5 things I've been up to this week

My life has literally been being sick (yes, AGAIN) and also going to the Cinetopia Film Festival for the past seven days ... I don't have much else to report.

Executive king room at the Kensington Hotel, Ann Arbor
Executive king room at the Kensington Hotel, Ann Arbor

What I've been up to this week:
  1. Seeing movies, obviously. The Cinetopia Film Festival runs through Sunday, and last weekend I went to Ann Arbor for the opening festivities. This weekend it's in both A2 and Royal Oak, and I live about ten minutes from Emagine RO so that's been great. I believe I've seen 13 movies so far, and my plan is to see around 22 total. Favorites so far have been The Farewell, which will be out in July; Killing God; After So Many Days; and 93Queen
  2. Spending the weekend in Ann Arbor. Last week I stayed in Ann Arbor from Friday through Sunday for the festival, eating some good food at some of my favorite places (Blimpy Burger, etc.) and drinking good cocktails (Babs', The Last Word). I also was able to stay the weekend at The Kensington Hotel, and you can read about that here
  3. Getting sick. Again. So before you think "Oh, so your fevers finally went away?", those have been ongoing since OCTOBER. Nobody knows what's up with it. This is a new thing—after my weekend in Ann Arbor, I now have a lovely cough and probably cold (stuffy nose, etc.). I leave for Thailand a week from Sunday so I'm hoping it's gone by then ... with normal people, it probably would last a few days, but for me, it's usually a week+. (I have a compromised immune system, so if someone so much as SNEEZES near me, I usually get sick ...)
  4. Seeing Waitress at the Fisher Theatre. I missed the opening performance last week so I was glad I was able to see it this week. I'd give it 3.5/5 but I'm definitely biased because I saw it in January with Sara Bareilles as the lead (who also wrote all of the songs for the musical) and really enjoyed her in it. 
  5. Eating out. I got to hit up some of my favorite Ann Arbor spots last weekend, and I also tried Chatime, the new bubble tea place—it was okay, but Bubble Island continues to be my favorite spot there. 
Q&A with the stars of Before You Know It
Q&A with the stars of Before You Know It

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