The Friday Five, 5/24/19: 5 things I've been up to this week

I may have to scrounge for 5 things to say I did this week, I have been taking it easy because I am (still) sick with a cough/cold. It's getting better each day but super slowly. I *am* seeing Aladdin in 3D tonight though because I need to see it before I leave for Thailand on Sunday!

Chicken "fajitas" (aka tacos) from EveryPlate
Chicken "fajitas" (aka tacos) from EveryPlate

What I've been up to this week:

  1. Cooking. I made a chicken "fajitas" meal from EveryPlate on Monday (I say "fajitas" in quotes because it was more like tacos) and I have two more EveryPlate meals to cook before I leave on Sunday for my trip—a chimichurri steak bowl, which looks delicious, and cherry pork chops. 
  2. Seeing movies ... a ton of movies. Last weekend was the second weekend of the Cinetopia Film Festival, and from Thursday to Sunday I was basically camped out at Emagine Royal Oak to watch films. A friend went with me on Thursday and Sunday, and on Saturday my mom attended a few with me while my dad went to see John Wick (I unfortunately only had two Cinetopia passes). Tonight I am seeing Aladdin and based on the reviews I've read from friends, I am going in with high expectations, so hopefully it won't let me down! Tomorrow, too, I snagged a ticket for an early screening of The Secret Life of Pets 2, through Fandango, because I enjoyed the first one.
  3. Eating out. Camping out in RO required food/snacks, so I ate out more than I usually do. On Thursday, we went to Blaze Pizza for dinner, and on Friday, I stopped at Hamlin Corner for a snack, since I had a gift card. On Saturday, my parents and I tried KouZina, which was tasty, and on Sunday, my friend and I tried Pinky's ... which was decent, but not really worth the hype, IMO. Yesterday, my parents and I went to MOD for dinner, and I tried their new cauliflower crust, which was pretty good; very crunchy and tasted like regular crust to me, except maybe a bit thicker. 
  4. Started taking malaria pills. That's something you don't read about every day ... my doctor recommended it just as a precaution. I'm starting it today because you are supposed to start it 1-2 days before a trip, and I need to make sure I don't have any adverse reactions to it. 
  5. Switched car + home insurance. This was kind of a PITA, and I had been with my (now former) insurance for a long time, probably about 7 years (since I moved to Troy), but the auto rates went way up. With my new insurance, I am saving about $200 a year (home + auto bundled), which is a great deal. 
Cauliflower crust pizza from MOD Pizza
Cauliflower crust pizza from MOD Pizza

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