The Friday Five, 7/19/19: 5 things I've been up to this week

I am glad today is Friday, it has seemed like a long week but I think that's because I have been keeping busy. Tonight I am going to Detroit with my International Dinner Club friends (a club they created) to try out Isla, at Fort Street Galley, so that should be tasty, too.

Pierogies at Urbanrest Brewing, Ferndale, MI
Pierogies at Urbanrest Brewing, Ferndale, MI

What I've been up to this week:
  1. Eating out. Last week we took a mini-vacation (Fri. through Sat.) to Portage, and we got to hit up all of my favorite restaurants: The Southerner (Saugatuck), as well as Nonla Burger and El Gallo Blanco (Kalamazoo). On Sunday night, I went out for Indian food with friends before a concert at Meadow Brook, and on Tuesday, we had pizza at Allegiant Nonstop. Last night we went to Urbanrest Brewing (Ferndale), who was hosting a pop-up of Pietrzyk Pierogies, and it was delicious although a little pricey ($9 for four of the same pierogi, or $10 for "Chef's Choice" of four, which is what we did, topped with onions). My favorite of the four was a blueberry and cream cheese, and my least favorite was a jalapeno one, since I dislike spicy foods. They have a ton of pop-ups coming up again soon, both at Urbanrest and other venues (Kuhnhenn Brewing in Warren, Farmington Brewing Company, etc.), so I probably will be attending another one since they were so delicious.
  2. Taking a mini-vacation. As I mentioned, my boyfriend and I headed to Portage on Friday morning to spend time with a college friend and her husband. We were going to go to the beach at some point but I think it was too hot and we all got too lazy, lol. We ended up playing board games which is what we usually do, as well as having some good meals, and it was a nice escape from the east side of the state.
  3. Trying out Allegiant Nonstop. Nonstop is a new games center here in Warren, MI, and it's very similar to Dave & Buster's and C.J. Barrymore's. Check out my post about that here, and enter to win two "All-You-Can-Play" passes! (ends 7/25)
  4. Seeing movies. Well, just one movie, but we are going Sunday to see the new Lion King, which I've heard mixed reviews about. I saw Godzilla: King of the Monsters at the Forum on Wednesday—John R no longer has it—and I'd give it 3.25/5, the extra 1/4 star being for the CGI, which was awesome during the fight scenes with the monsters.
  5. Cooking. I had a Plated box last week and a Dinnerly box this week, and next week I have ordered a Home Chef box. I love Home Chef but they rarely give me discounts, so I'm excited about that one ... I got $30 off because a friend used my affiliate link for her box order.
Thai chicken fried rice, from Plated
Thai chicken fried rice, from Plated

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