The Friday Five, 8/9/19: 5 things I've been up to this week

By the time you read this, I'll probably be on the road to Cedar Point with a blogger friend of mine and her two daughters. We bought a Groupon way back in like April or May for it, and I haven't been in about two years so I'm looking forward to it. We're also going to stay overnight in Sandusky, so we don't have to make the 2-3 hour drive home that night.

Blue LLama jazz club, Ann Arbor
Blue LLama jazz club, Ann Arbor

What I've been up to this week:

  1. Date night in Ann Arbor. Last Friday, my boyfriend and I went to Ann Arbor (one of my favorite cities, though of course I'm biased since I'm a UM alum ...) and hit up three venues: Tomukun Korean BBQ, for dinner; The Last Word, for cocktails; and the new Blue LLama jazz club, to finish the night. I'm a big fan of KBBQ but had never tried Tomukun, and they were pretty good. The Last Word is a fantastic speakeasy, if you've never been, and their front door isn't labeled at all, so you might need Google Maps to find it. And the Blue LLama was playing klezmer music that night (see pic above), which was fantastic. We had some drinks and charcuterie there too which was also very good.
  2. Yelp event at Zao Jun, Bloomfield Township. On Monday, I went to a sushi and sake event at Zao Jun, which is a new Asian restaurant in Bloomfield Township (in the Trader Joe's plaza). Everything we sampled was very good, and I'd like to return now for happy hour, too. I'm not a very adventurous sushi eater but I did try a spicy tuna roll (which was adventurous for me ... LOL) and a few others; my favorite was actually the sweet potato roll, which was nice and crunchy, too. 
  3. Mystery shopping. Not going to say where because that could be unethical, but if you follow me on Facebook and/or Instagram you can probably figure it out. Sometimes I "mystery shop" as a diner and the meal is comped, which is a nice treat. 
  4. Finishing Orange is the New Black. I thought this season was great, though one friend complained it was "too political." I loved OITNB and will definitely miss it. I also watched the series finale of Divorce, which I thought was just okay. Dear White People is now back on Netflix so I'll continue to watch that, Harlots, and Handmaid's Tale, for the majority of my summer shows, plus Younger and Black-ish.
  5. Not cooking that much. I had intended to cook on Tuesday night with my boyfriend but the Hello Fresh box arrived around 6:30pm! At that point we had decided to venture out to La Saj, in Troy, for kabob sandwiches ... $10 gets you about two sandwiches plus all the bread and garlic sauce you can eat. Nom. The box arrived just as we were leaving, so I unpacked it and will probably cook this Sunday and Monday instead. 
Super cute Pikachu drink at Zao Jun, Bloomfield Twp., MI
Super cute Pikachu drink at Zao Jun, Bloomfield Twp., MI

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