The Friday Five, 9/6/19: 5 things I've been up to this week

This week has been chock-full of plans and I need a nap, but it's not going to happen because instead I am working today and then going to Noodles (BOGO in the app for Rewards members, check out your app) and seeing IT Chapter 2. Tomorrow is my "day off" and I am going to watch the UM vs. Army game and also see Angel Has Fallen, then on Sunday I go to Vegas for work (Vegas trip #1 of 2 this month for work ...).

View from The Southerner (Saugatuck, MI)
View from The Southerner (Saugatuck, MI)

What I've been up to this week:
  1. Traveling. I went to Grand Haven, MI last Saturday through Monday with friends, and got to stop at some of my favorite places, including The Southerner in Saugatuck (the BEST fried chicken, maybe anywhere in the U.S., in my biased opinion) and Founders in Grand Rapids, on the way home. The weather wasn't super cooperative—it was cold so no laying-on-the-beach time for us—but we walked around downtown GH and had a super nice Airbnb condo to stay at. I'm heading to Vegas for work this Sunday which I'm excited about, also, for IBIE
  2. Eating ... a lot. Obviously on vacation I'm going to eat a lot, but it was also my anniversary this week (3 years) AND my boyfriend's birthday, so last night we went out to The Chop House in Ann Arbor to celebrate. I had only been to La Dolce Vita (dessert place connected to it next door) and it was definitely a treat. There are a handful of A2 restaurants (all the same owner) where you get half off on your birthday—but only on the ACTUAL day—and we saved like $85 on our bill. Definitely a "treat yoself" type of restaurant but everything was delicious and the service was impeccable. I also went out to Granite City with my parents on Tuesday night.
  3. Seeing CATS, opening night at the Fisher. CATS was ... interesting. Without spoiling it, I feel like you'll either hate it or love it, although I was somewhere in-between. I really liked the costumes and the sets, though.
  4. Seeing movies. Although not that many this week - I saw Brittany Runs a Marathon on Wednesday, at a screening at Emagine Canton (click here for that review), and I'm seeing IT Chapter Two tonight .... hoping it's worth the almost 3-hour runtime. 
  5. Attending a housewarming party. A friend and her boyfriend had a housewarming party in Farmington Hills, MI last Friday, and we spent some time at her apartment and then went to India Flavors for dinner, which was very good. Everyone brought a wrapped book and we played a game where you went home with a (different) book, which was fun. 
Grand Haven, MI lighthouse + pier
Grand Haven, MI lighthouse + pier

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