The Friday Five, 10/4/19: 5 things I've been up to this week

This has been a pretty busy week and will be a pretty busy weekend too. Tonight my boyfriend and I are going on a super romantic date ... to get a flu shot. Haha. (To be fair, we are also going out for Polish food with my International Dinner Club friends after ...)

24k Gold Bar at Iridescence, Detroit
24k Gold Bar at Iridescence, Detroit

What I've been up to this week:
  1. Going out for our anniversary. I took my boyfriend to The Chop House, in Ann Arbor, a few weeks ago, on his actual birthday, for a birthday/anniversary gift. On Saturday, he took me out to Iridescence, at the Motor City Casino, for my anniversary gift. I had been wanting to go back there for a while—I was lucky enough to have a comped stay + comped Iridescence dinner there in 2015—and although everything was very tasty, it wasn't QUITE as good as my 2015 experience. I'd still give it 4/5 stars though, and waitservice is impeccable. 
  2. Eating out, in general. Last Friday I had a gift card for Ale Mary's, in Royal Oak, so we went there and I finally got to try one of their vegan shakes ... they were pretty tasty, although a bit too cinnamon-y for me (this flavor was Caramel Apple, I believe). On Tuesday, before seeing a musical at the Fisher, my parents and I went to Station Square, which was just okay ... the food was very good though. 
  3. Seeing Come From Away at the Fisher. I cannot recommend this show enough—it's based on real-life 9/11 events, most of which I didn't know much about, and the show is VERY, very good. You can find out more info about it at my post here, and if you're interested in going, I recommend you buy tickets ASAP—last I checked, the only ones left were Ticketmaster resale tickets, as well as some on StubHub. 
  4. Yelp event at Blake's (Armada, MI). Yesterday I shlepped up to Blake's, in Armada, MI—about a 40 minute drive normally, but between a stuck train and post-work traffic, it took me about an hour—for a Yelp event. There were two parts to the event—apple picking and an orchard tour at 3pm, and a hard cider tasting/appetizers at 5pm—but you could RSVP to one, both, or neither, so I only RSVPed to the 5pm, since I had to work. We were supposed to get a tour of their hard cider facilities but unfortunately due to unforeseen circumstances, they weren't able to give us the tour ... however, we still had tasty food and a hard cider flight. I also bought some garlic pickles from their store, that I'm looking forward to trying, and a donut, which was just as good at Yates' (my favorite local cider/donut place), in my opinion. 
  5. Seeing one movie. I saw Abominable in 3D on Sunday, but it was just okay, unfortunately. It's cute and kids will like it, and I loved that the main character played violin, but I almost took a nap during it. I'm seeing Joker tomorrow, though, and I've heard very good things about it so far.
Selection of pickles at Blake's ... Bloody Mary pickles! Garlic pickles! Habanero!
Selection of pickles at Blake's ... Bloody Mary pickles! Garlic pickles! Habanero!

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