The Friday Five, 3/13/20: "Everything is canceled" edition

As of yesterday—which felt like three days in a row, am I right?—everything is canceled. My hope is to sneak in a few movies this weekend before they close theaters, too ... we'll see what happens.

Creme brulee at Ruth's Chris, Troy
Creme brulee at Ruth's Chris, Troy

What I've been up to this week:
  1. Eating out, mostly for Troy Restaurant Week. Troy Restaurant Week continues until today, despite coronavirus, and I've been eating out a little too much (the scale reflected that this morning, ugh). On Sunday, Yelp friends and I met up at Seasons 52 for lunch; on Wednesday, we did Ruth's Chris for dinner, which is always a fantastic treat. Coworkers and I tried out Mon Jin Lau for the first time for Wednesday lunch, and for Thursday lunch, I met a Yelp friend at Brio, although at that point my stomach had started hating me :( so today I have Brio leftovers for lunch. In non-TRW foods, my parents and I went to Granite City on Tuesday before a Fisher show, and a friend and I tried out Harbor House in Detroit before a show last Friday. On Saturday, I introduced my boyfriend to Detroit Wing Company (Troy), too—they do a boneless wings happy hour 3-5pm every day, where you get 40% off, which is a great deal. 
  2. Seeing shows. Last Friday, a friend and I saw The Naked Magicians, at Music Hall (Detroit), which was a hoot ... definitely raunchy but a lot of fun. On Tuesday, my mom and I saw Fiddler on the Roof, at the Fisher, which was really good; I had listened to the movie soundtrack a lot as a child but had never seen a production of it. Apparently the Fisher Theater is still running Fiddler for the duration of the show (until March 15th), also, despite coronavirus fears. [EDIT: as of the morning of 3/13, the Fisher HAS CANCELED all remaining Fiddler shows.]
  3. Seeing movies. My boyfriend and I saw Emma last Saturday, and it was just okay, despite some funny one-liners; I'd give it 3 out of 5 stars. I saw Onward in 3D on Sunday, and I'd give that 3 or maybe 3.25/5 stars as well—it was a cute movie with a good message (and great 3D, so I bumped it up the .25 star for that) but I wanted it to be better. I have tickets to see The Way Back today, The Hunt on Sunday, and Bloodshot on Tuesday at AMC John R ... we'll see if the theaters stay open that long ... 
  4. Finishing physical therapy. I am a PT graduate, technically! I went to eight sessions for my back. I'm not sure if it helped at all, but I liked the heat pads at the end of each session. I guess I can extend it if I want but I think my insurance only covers like 20-24 sessions per year, so I'm going to wait on that, to see. 
  5. And finally, everything is canceled. Yesterday was a pretty insane day. My company decided to postpone (not cancel) about 20 of our industry events around mid-day, including Food Safety Summit, which I was set to attend in May, in Rosemont, IL. I have a work trip on 3/30 for a different conference and I'm still not sure if that's on or not, in Chicago. Governor Whitmer decided to close down all Michigan schools FOR THREE WEEKS late last night ... I feel like it's a matter of time before more public places like restaurants and theaters shut down. The DSO and other local organizations have canceled most of their shows (which made me surprised that the Fisher did not ...) and a lot of places are canceling things through early May at this point. I went to Meijer to get a few items yesterday and I've never seen some of the shelves so bare, too, especially the essentials (bread, produce, etc.). I'm also in the "at risk" group since I am immunocompromised (I have Crohn's) so I've been take more precautions than usual, although really I should probably skip places like the movie theater ... we'll see.

    Anyways ... I felt like the situation really escalated from like a level 3 to a level 7 yesterday (out of 10). I hope you all stay safe and take the precautions you need, as well. 
Maple pepper bacon flatbread, at Granite City Troy. $9 during happy hour!
Maple pepper bacon flatbread, at Granite City Troy. $9 during happy hour!

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