The Friday Five, 3/27/20: 5 things I've been up to this week

Since we're not sure how long quarantine is going to last, I renamed this post back to "Five things I've been up to this week," though I'll admit it might be a struggle to find five things ...

This is quarantine week two, and day 10 of working from home, for me. It's also the first week I have to do this alone/by myself—the governor of Michigan issued a mandatory "shelter-in-place" on Monday which means we technically aren't allowed to leave our houses except for work, food (groceries/takeout), or gas, for the most part.

Hello Fresh Thai beef bowl
Hello Fresh Thai beef bowl

What I've been up to this week:
  1. Cooking. More so than eating out—because of germs, my goal is to only get takeout two times a week max (and grocery shop one time per week). I had a Hello Fresh box last week and we made a Thai beef bowl, as pictured above, and I have Dinnerly this week and for most of the next 5 weeks, since they're giving me a lot of deals, although my delivery next week is EveryPlate. Last night I made steak carne asada tacos, from Dinnerly, as well. 
  2. Watching TV. Probably too much TV. I started watching that crazy Netflix show called Tiger King, and I normally don't like documentaries but this one is a pretty interesting story. I'm finishing up I Am Not Okay With This, also on Netflix, and I'm still watching Broad City and Good Trouble, which are both on Hulu. I probably will watch a Blu-ray or two at some point, too. 
  3. Not seeing people anymore. On Friday, I had to drop my tax planner off at my accountant's office—he had canceled our in-person meeting—and I met my parents there, and later went to their house to eat some Cottage Inn pizza and watch Frozen 2. On Saturday, I saw my boyfriend, and we had Brome takeout for lunch and then cooked a Hello Fresh meal for dinner. I didn't know that this would be the last time I'd see either of them for a while :( I don't know how long it will be, but we are technically not suppose to gather in groups, and also, my boyfriend is still working (and has about 200 coworkers) and I am in the high-risk group, so for now it's best to not see each other in-person. (my parents are in the high-risk group as well, since they are older)
  4. Video chatting with friends. On Tuesday, two of my friends and I video-chatted via Facebook Messenger video, which was interesting; I've used that platform before for video chatting but not with three people. We are going to try to make this a once a week standing date. I also have a virtual "game night" tomorrow with my boyfriend and two friends, I think we are going to play Machi Koro because you don't have to hide your cards during it. 
  5. Getting bloodwork done. So I normally go to the small Beaumont in Royal Oak for this (on Coolidge, across from Meijer) ... it was a good thing I Googled the hours before I went, because it turns out it's temporarily closed. That meant I had to go to the MAIN Beaumont in Royal Oak (13 Mile/Woodward) ... I got there and people in masks asked me a lot of questions (have I had a fever lately, have I had a sore throat lately, etc) and then I got a sticker that said "healthy visitor." They also gave me a hand sanitizer mousse spray when I arrived and when I left. I have to say it was actually a pleasure to get bloodwork there, time-wise, because normally it takes me at least 30-45 minutes at that location ... I was one of the only patients there so it was very fast, this time. 
  6. Getting a new faucet installed. Bonus one that I forgot about—on Monday morning, I figured out that my upstairs bathroom sink was leaking from the bottom, and most likely had been for a while now (cabinet area was soaked, yay ...). I called a friend's dad who does some handyman stuff for me and he checked it out and said I needed a new faucet. I wasn't sure if Home Depot would be closed the rest of the week, due to the governor's order, so I ran over there and picked up a new Moen faucet (see below). The next day, a neighbor's contractor was luckily able to come over and install it for me (and for the record, Home Depot and home improvement stores ARE allowed to be open during the quarantine, it seems).
Moen faucet
New faucet

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