The Friday Five, 3/6/20: 5 things I've been up to this week

I'm glad it's the weekend, for some reason I've been tired all week even though I've been getting 7-8 hours of sleep each night.

The new Caramel Apple cheesecake, at Cheesecake Factory, Novi
The new Caramel Apple cheesecake, at Cheesecake Factory, Novi

What I've been up to this week:

  1. Eating out. Last Friday, my boyfriend and I finally tried ima (i-ma? ee-ma? Still not sure how to pronounce it) in Madison Heights. It's a bit pricey, but the food was very good; I got the Yaki Udon, and it came with butter noodles and without broth. I also added ginger beef. After that, we had a Groupon for St. Julian Winery, which was a great deal—a wine tasting for two, with a commemorative glass to take home each, for about $8 (normally like $8 each, so it was like a BOGO). I had never been there before but it's near Oakland Mall, in the same plaza. On Saturday, friends were in town this week, so met them at Cheesecake Factory for lunch, and I got to use my two free cheesecake slices, which were expiring on 3/31. For dinner we did a quick stop at Jersey Mike's before a movie. On Sunday, I went to Gus's in Royal Oak, with my parents, and on Tuesday, we went to Blimpy Burger, in A2, before the Yo-Yo Ma concert. Wednesday was Mr. Kabob and yesterday I stopped by the new Detroit Wing Company because I was planning on cooking dinner, but wanted a snack ... it was very good. 
  2. Cooking. I had Dinnerly this week and the last, because they were giving me great deals. My Dinnerly box did NOT show up on time this week plus they haven't answered my email yet ... surprise, surprise (they tend to be the worst at being on-time + have the worst customer service). The tracking said it was going to show up TODAY which made me mad (it was scheduled for a Tuesday delivery!) but on Wednesday it was amended, and it showed up 1 day late. 
  3. Yo-Yo Ma concert. I only shlep to Ann Arbor during the week for a VERY good reason, and Yo-Yo Ma being in town was one of them. I've seen him about 4-5 times now and he's fantastic. We went with two friends and had scored $20 mezzanine tickets (at Hill Auditorium); the seats weren't the best, but we could still see. He played in a trio with a violinist and pianist, playing Beethoven trios, and played for about 2.5 hours with intermission, which was great; the last time my mom and I saw him, he only played for an HOUR, which was crazy short. 
  4. Seeing The Invisible Man. This movie was far less scary than I thought it was going to be, based on the trailers, and since there was nothing else new out last week, we decided to see it. I'd give it 4/5 stars, and Elisabeth Moss is great in it; it's worth seeing. 
  5. Buying Lindsey Stirling tickets. I spent too much on these, but I love her concerts; I just saw her in Toledo in December too, but she did Christmas music, and this concert will be for her new album, Artemis. She'll be at Freedom Hill on August 13th. My tickets are like mid-pavilion but they even had back of the pavilion for $29.50 (before TM fees), which is really reasonable; I think it's only $4 more than lawn tickets. 
Old map of Detroit from an Ann Arbor bookstore
Old map of Detroit from an Ann Arbor bookstore

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