The Friday Five, 4/17/20: 5 things I've been up to this week

End of week 5 of quarantine (yes, I'm still counting), and I finally broke down and ordered a desk and nice office chair. I ordered both on Wednesday afternoon and the desk showed up one day later, which really impressed me (shoutout to!) and the chair will be here Monday.

Delivery from Shake Shack! Definitely a treat.
Delivery from Shake Shack! Definitely a treat.

What I've been up to this week:
  1. Doing takeout. More than usual; last Saturday, I got pepperoni bread and a mushroom pizza from Saroki's Pizza, which is in a Shell station on Woodward in RO, because I had a $10 gift certificate that was expiring. The pizza itself was just okay but the pepperoni bread was DELICIOUS, and I had a ton of leftovers. They also did curbside carryout for me, which I appreciated. Sunday was Easter so I did my Bob Evans ham order, and was pretty disappointed in that ... the food itself was okay, but they lost my online order - at 5pm, for a 5:30pm pickup, I got an email from them saying the order was never communicated to the restaurant. I called the restaurant and they let me do the order over the phone, they also honored my 15% off coupon so that was good. When I got to the restaurant they were just as disorganized there, and by the time I got my food and got home, it was lukewarm.

    On Tuesday, I ended up doing Shake Shack delivery from Postmates, which was definitely a treat - I rarely do delivery (although I've been doing more lately, since it's better not to go out) since it's so pricey. However, someone used my referral code from Postmates, so I got an email from them saying I had a $25 credit to use (yay!) and only 7 days to use it. I had been craving Shake Shack so I ended up getting some food from them. 
  2. Cooking. I had a Dinnerly box last week and a Dinnerly box this week. I made steak tacos on Tuesday night, which were pretty good, and a pork tenderloin with mushroom sauce last night. My last meal I have coming up is a Japanese soy chicken, which I'll probably cook tomorrow or Sunday, and next week I'm getting Home Chef, which will be a treat; they rarely give me discounts, but two people used my referral link recently, so I have $70 in credits.
  3. Picking up a book. I ordered Unorthodox: The Scandalous Rejection of my Hasidic Roots after watching the Netflix show, which only had four episodes; I wanted to know more of the author's story. Both Amazon and Literati Bookstore (A2) were out of the print version, but Barnes & Noble had it, and the Troy store is offering curbside pickup (the store itself is closed, as it's not deemed "essential"). When I got to B&N, I called them, and a woman opened the door and put my bag outside the door; contactless pickup, which was nice. After that, since I was already out, I went to Kung Fu Tea for bubble tea takeout, because I had been craving bubble tea for a while. 
  4. Trying to play Jackbox. A friend invited me to a Jackbox night on Tuesday, which was fun ... if you're unfamiliar, Jackbox is a party game that you can play on your phone or computer. A friend of my friend streamed the "video" on YouTube so that we could all play; however, I ended up in the "audience" most of the time which was a little boring (the audience does have some participation, but not a lot). Other friends and I have a standing Friday night "game night" so I'm looking forward to that later today. 
  5. Doing Kroger Clicklist for the first time. Last week, around midnight, I was messing around on the Kroger app and noticed they had some time slots for grocery pickup ... a week from that time. So for the past week I've been modifying my order and adding some "fun stuff" (pizza rolls, Rocky Road ice cream, etc.) as well as stuff I actually need (fruit, apple juice). Yesterday my time slot was for 4-5pm, so around 4:20pm I arrived at Kroger and parked in one of the Clicklist spots, then called the number listed on the sign at the spot. It only took about ten minutes for someone to come out and bring me my groceries, and he loaded them into my trunk; I did get out of the car to check to make sure all the groceries were there, but otherwise I would not have had to get out of the car. Normally this service costs $4.95 per pickup, but your first three are free, which is nice. 
Lemon Pepper Chicken, from Dinnerly
Lemon Pepper Chicken, from Dinnerly

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