The Friday Five, 5/1/20: 5 things I've been up to this week

April is finally over ... not that May is going to be any different, but at least it's a fresh new month. This marks the end of week 7 of quarantine. Technically the "stay at home" order ends May 15th, but I wouldn't be surprised if the governor extends it until end of May—Gov. Whitmer just extended the restaurant closures until May 28th, as of yesterday.

Chocolate Chunk Pizookie, from BJ's Brewhouse
Chocolate Chunk Pizookie, from BJ's Brewhouse

What I've been up to this week:

  1. Doing takeout. On Saturday, I had a $20 Sedona Taphouse gift certicate that was expiring, so I used that for their chicken marsala and mashed whipped potatoes. The food was just okay, but I give them kudos for their curbside procedure; myself and a few other cars were lined up outside the restaurant, and they brought out a few orders at a time. On Sunday, BJ's Brewhouse (Sterling Heights, Taylor, Livonia) sent me a $10 coupon, so I trekked over to the SH location to get takeout; I couldn't resist that + their current deals, which include a free Pizookie with orders over $9.95 ... my bill was like $3.50 before tip for the Pizookie and a small pepperoni pizza. Today I have a $25 Postmates referral reward that is expiring so I'm hoping to get Indian or maybe Thai food delivered. 
  2. Seeing my parents. After about 5-6 weeks of not seeing my parents, they came over on Sunday and we sat outside, 6 feet apart, to avoid possible contamination. It was nice to see them. 
  3. Cooking. I had a Home Chef box last week and a Dinnerly box this week. I've only cooked one Dinnerly meal so far this week, sesame beef with rice, and it was pretty good; I have a stuffed burger recipe and a "Tex-Mex meatloaf" recipe to cook this weekend. Next week will be EveryPlate but not until Thursday. Yesterday I also cooked a meal from Damn Delicious's website, skillet mushroom chicken, and I added some zucchini; it ended up being pretty good. 
  4. Bloodwork and B12 shot. I had to go to Beaumont Royal Oak on Wednesday for bloodwork, and yesterday on Thursday I had a B12 shot. Last time I had my B12 shot it was a "drive-by"—I called my doctor's office when I arrived at the parking lot, and a nurse came out to administer the shot to me. Yesterday, however, it was pouring out, so they asked me to come inside, and I got the shot in the lobby of the building ... we live in strange times, currently. 
  5. Eating too many snacks. I did Kroger + Target drive-up again last Tuesday, and I'm doing Kroger drive-up again next week too. I need to cool it with the dairy snacks (pizza rolls, and I made the mistake of buying ice cream from BJs last week, too), because they're killing my stomach. I also made some homemade cookies this week and I didn't know the recipe made like three dozen ... I made them on Tuesday and as of today, I only have like five cookies left. Too many snacks and too much free time to eat them, basically. I'm hoping to take a walk today, though, and I also took walks on Monday and Wednesday, at least.
Damn Delicious skillet mushroom chicken recipe, with mushrooms
Damn Delicious skillet mushroom chicken recipe, with mushrooms

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