The Friday Five, 5/15/20: 5 things I've been up to this week

Quarantine, end of week 9, and I made the mistake of weighing myself ... ugh. They don't call it the "COVID-19-15" for nothing ... my goal for next week is to step up the walking, I only walked like one time this week though I hope to on Sunday as well.

Free pepperoni pizza from Barb's Pizza (Clawson) and Church at Clawson
Free pepperoni pizza from Barb's Pizza (Clawson) and Church at Clawson

What I've been up to this week:
  1. Cooking and ordering takeout. More of the former, surprisingly. I had EveryPlate boxes last week and this week, and last night I made a BBQ chicken sandwich with fries, which was okay. I think my favorite EP meal from last week was the sweet and smokey meatloaf. Last Saturday, the Church at Clawson and Barb's Pizza and Perry's Pizza were giving away free pizzas, so I went and got one, since it's literally down the street ... I was thinking they'd be small but instead it was a HUGE pepperoni pizza (pictured above), so I ended up freezing most of it. On Sunday, I made the mistake of trying to get Indian food delivered through GrubHub—since it was Mother's Day, they were extremely busy, and I finally did get it delivered but it took TWO hours, which was kinda crazy. I ordered around 6pm and the food showed up at like 7:45pm. GrubHub did give me a $10 credit so I'll be using that sometime soon. Since that was a little pricey, I haven't eaten out the rest of the week, although I have an infusion tomorrow so I'm hoping to pick up carryout afterwards, maybe from Mr. Kabob or Pita Way.
  2. Trying out new TV shows and movies. I tried watching Outer Banks, on Netflix, but I got bored like 1.5 episodes in, so last night I watched The Wrong Missy, also on Netflix, which is a movie with David Spade and Lauren Lapkus ... it was okay, it's fine if you're bored (I'd give it like 3/5 stars). I have a list on my phone with shows I want to watch and some I keep forgetting that I'm currently watching, too, like The Fosters on Netflix.  
  3. Making baking errors. I made this recipe last night, minus the milk powder since I don't have any, and I was an idiot ... it called for 1/4 cup of salt, which I thought seemed like a LOT, and it turned out that was for the topping, not the batter. So now I have salty cookies, which I plan on foisting onto my parents when I see them later today (6 feet apart, outside only). 
  4. Waiting in traffic for pierogi. A few weeks ago, I saw something online about The Great Pierogi Drive-Up, which in theory sounded awesome—local places plus a few from the west side of the state were offering their pierogi, kielbasa, and potato pancakes for pickup, and everything was pre-order and available online. I ordered 12 potato and onion pierogi from Srodek's (Hamtramck) and also some potato pancakes from Lost River (Grand Rapids), and a friend ordered some Lost River potato pancakes, pierogi, and kielbasa, which I picked up for her. However, it took about 40 minutes in gridlock at the Royal Oak Farmer's Market yesterday for me to actually pick up the goods, and I read on the Facebook event page that for others it took 1-2 HOURS! So I guess I was lucky with my 40-minute wait. All of our orders were correct, too, but others said they were missing pierogi, and I guess near the end they ran out of pierogi, too, which seems kinda crazy since people had pre-ordered. It's not something I would do again, then, but both the pierogi and potato pancakes I picked up look delicious, and I'm going to cook some of them tonight for dinner. 
  5. Getting new wiper inserts. I drove to a friend's in Farmington last Sunday to pick up some masks and also challah (porch pickup), and my wipers were making a horrible screeching sound ... I last replaced them two years ago, so it was time for new wiper inserts. I called Troy Honda and they said I didn't need an appointment, so I stopped by last Monday. SUPER impressed—it took them literally five minutes, plus they let me use a 25% off coupon I found on their site, so my total for two new wiper blades was only like $11.50, which was great. I wore my mask and most of their employees were wearing theirs too, as well as the other customers (only like four or so). Much less of a PITA than I thought this visit would be.

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