The Friday Five, 5/29/20: 5 things I've been up to this week

Quarantine, end of week 11. This week was infinitely better than the last, probably because I returned to my condo (admittedly a chopped up condo, but still with working A/C), and wasn't living out of a hotel.

Medium thin crust pizza with mushrooms from Pizza Hut
Medium thin crust pizza with mushrooms from Pizza Hut

What I've been up to this week:
  1. Moving back to my condo. I checked out of the hotel on Saturday and have been living here ever since. They're now saying they won't start work until 3-4 weeks, probably from NEXT week, but I have working A/C ... the only minor annoyances are I am minus one light in my kitchen, and my upstairs bathroom has half a floor (they had to take it out due to water damage). 
  2. Cooking. I cooked my remaining EveryPlate meals when I got home, and I'm receiving a new EveryPlate box today. I originally was going to get Blue Apron this week, but canceled it since I didn't know if I'd have use of my kitchen this week ... really I should have just delayed it till Thursday or Friday, but I didn't think about that. Most of the meal delivery services have a Friday deadline to order, but EveryPlate's is Sunday, so I chose to do that this week. 
  3. Getting freebies. Pizza Hut was doing free pizza to honor 2020 grads (but you didn't have to be a 2020 grad to get it) and I also got my free Tropical Smoothie; I have one more smoothie code to use before it expires next week, as well. 
  4. Being old. I like to lay on my stomach on my couch sometimes, especially if my stomach isn't feeling well, and when I got up yesterday I could tell I had done something to my back. It hurts to walk today and also to lie down on the couch. I'm looking at heating pads and Amazon is much cheaper ($16.99, Sunbeam brand) than Target, but with Target I could do drive-up and get it today or tomorrow, so that's definitely the more attractive option. 
  5. Virtual game/trivia nights with friends. I have a standing Friday night game night with a college friend, her husband, my boyfriend, and a few UM mutual friends, and on Wednesday night a friend hosted a trivia night over Zoom, too, which will be repeated next Monday. Tomorrow I have a Facebook video chat planned with two friends, too, and we are going to try out the new "Rooms" feature, which I've been told is similar to Zoom.

Mrs. Doubtfire coronavirus meme
I found this funny, plus I love Mrs. Doubtfire

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