The Friday Five, 6/12/20: 5 things I've been up to this week

Quarantine, end of week 13 ... kind of. I am pretty sure the state of Michigan is no longer under quarantine, because our restaurants opened up for dine-in on Monday, and hair/nail salons are opening up this upcoming Monday. For my purposes, though, I'm going to keep on keeping track until I go back to my office, which might be in a week or two, from what I hear.

Home Chef Thai chicken lettuce wraps
Home Chef Thai chicken lettuce wraps

What I've been up to this week:
  1. Resetting every WiFi-enabled device in my house. On Wednesday, it was predicted that we were going to have bad storms. Around 3pm, my WiFi went out, but I still had electricity. The electricity then went out BEFORE the storm, from like 4pm to 5pm, and when the WiFi came back, I wasn't aware it had ... because it reset itself to its ORIGINAL router name and password, which luckily I had, on the side of the router. I tried changing it to one of my preference, on the Comcast site, but the changes weren't sticking, so I had to call Comcast and then they had me text chat with someone instead. Basically, about 30-45 minutes later, the router name/password had been changed, and I then had to re-hook up everything in my house ... two computers (work/home), two phones (work/home cell phone), Amazon Echo Dot and Fire Stick, Chromecasts (2), smart plug, and a Google Home Mini, upstairs. #FWP, I know (First World Problems), but it was a lot of work. 
  2. Attending an author's Zoom chat. Last Friday, I was invited to attend a Zoom chat discussing Jo and Laurie, the new Little Women-inspired book by Melissa de la Cruz and Margaret Stohl (Beautiful Creatures), and it was fun to watch. Rainbow Rowell, another author I like, was the moderator, too. 
  3. Eating takeout. Last Friday, I had an allergist appointment and then got Woodpile BBQ, in Clawson, for dinner—I had a $5 off $20 coupon in the Entertainment book (via the app), so I got a pulled pork sandwich, a 6-pack of their delicious sweet pepper bacon, some sweet potato mash, and two of their cornbread muffins. On Saturday, I did Sedona curbside happy hour, since I'm not sure if they'll be offering it now that they have dine-in service, and on Sunday, I went over to my parents' house and we had Little Caesars pizza.
  4. Cooking. I had an EveryPlate box last week and a Home Chef box this week. Next week I'm back to Dinnerly again, since they are giving me $15 off my next two boxes. My favorite EP recipe I made was either the "smashed burgers" recipe (with caramelized onions) or the stuffed peppers (stuffed with onion, quinoa, and sweet pork sausage). For HC, the only one I've made so far is the Thai chicken lettuce wraps, pictured above.
  5. Going to doctor appointments. And the new procedures have been interesting. Last Friday I had an allergist appointment, and they took my temperature as soon as I walked in the door. They still have their waiting room open, but about half the seats were gone, and masks are required. On Tuesday, I had my yearly dermatology appointment, and you had to call when you arrived and they then called you back when you were allowed to come in; masks required, and their bathroom was not open so I had to use the lobby bathroom. On Wednesday, I had my B12 shot, which I get monthly, and it was the same procedure as the derm; I had to call them, then come into the lobby, and they actually gave me the shot in the lobby, which was odd but apparently easier germ-wise than me coming into the actual office. 
oompa loompa coronavirus meme

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