The Friday Five, 6/19/20: 5 things I've been up to this week

Quarantine, end of week 14. Things are slowly getting back to normal-ish even though the virus is still out there—a friend is having a birthday get-together at a park tomorrow, and I'm going even though I am going to bring my own food (and stay 6' apart from everyone). Sunday is Father's Day so I will see my parents and also I'm meeting a friend for ice cream at Guernsey (will also stay 6' apart, and eat outside).

Dinnerly beef tostadas
Dinnerly Beef Tostadas

What I've been up to this week:
  1. Attending a Yelp virtual event. On Tuesday, we learned about Scotch and its history, as well as did a tasting, over Zoom. It was my first virtual Yelp event but they've been hosting a ton, even dance parties! 20 lucky Yelp Elites, including me, were able to pick up a Scotch and chocolates kit on Monday, in the Ferndale library parking lot, from Bryan, who was also the presenter on Tuesday. We also paired cheeses with it so I did have to purchase those (and I ventured into Meijer for the first time in 3 months because of it! How thrilling, lol ...). Overall, definitely a fun event, and now I'm hooked on Dubliner cheese, too. The chocolates were from Birmingham Chocolate and delicious.
  2. Watching new TV shows and movies. I finally tried out Artemis Fowl, on Disney+, but it was as "foul" as people had said ... it actually started off really promisingly but then kind of devolved from there. As for TV shows, I'm now finished with Kim's Convenience so I've been trying out shows for a lunchtime show ... I started Trying and Central Park on AppleTV, both of which are great, and Search Party on HBO MAX, which will be back for a new season on 6/25. Love, Victor (a spin-off of the movie Love, Simon) on Hulu is also great, I started that yesterday and I was a big fan of the Love, Simon movie, which I actually own. I finished Succession on HBO too and the season 2 ending was a doozy! Highly recommend that show, I binged it in about a week or two. And I'm finishing up The Circle: Brazil on Netflix, as well. 
  3. Cooking. I had a Home Chef box last week and I have Dinnerly this week. I screwed up and reactivated one of my EveryPlate accounts and forgot to skip this week, so they sent me a box ... a friend wanted to buy it from me though, since it was a discounted box, so that actually worked out well, luckily.
  4. Eating takeout. Last Friday I got 2941 Street Food, since I had a coupon for a free Street Snack (aka appetizer). The Woodward location was BUSY even though they hadn't yet opened up dining-in. On Saturday, I had a GrubHub deal so I ended up getting bubble tea, Japanese popcorn chicken, and curly fries from Quickly; on Sunday, my parents and I did Cottage Inn at their house. On Monday, I was hoping to finally try Balkan House, since I was in Ferndale and hadn't been for a few months, but apparently they're closed on Mondays, so I did Culantro instead, which was also very good. Today I have a BOGO coupon for Pita Way so I am going to do that (thanks, Susan, for the coupon!). 
  5. Returning a Clawson library book. Maybe not a huge deal, but I checked out a book for my book club in EARLY MARCH, and the Clawson library is now FINALLY open, but only for returning materials. The next stage will be opening for curbside pickup only, which I saw Troy library is already doing.

2020 coronavirus meme
I would like to go to 2021, please ... 

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