The Friday Five, 6/26/20: 5 things I've been up to this week

Quarantine, end of week 15. Not much going on this week except I saw some friends last weekend, like I mentioned, which was nice, and a contractor is coming over today ... hoping we can FINALLY schedule a renovation date/time/week for my condo. They said they usually start 3-4 weeks from the initial appointment ...

Dinnerly Greek pork gyro with cucumber salad
Dinnerly Greek pork gyro with cucumber salad

What I've been up to this week:
  1. Cooking. I received a Dinnerly box last week and one this week, since I recently received a two-week discount from them. Next week I have a Hello Fresh box coming up, which will be a treat, since I haven't had HF in a while. Most of the Dinnerly meals I have made so far have been really good; last night was steak tacos and just okay, though, the steak was more like just regular beef. 
  2. Seeing friends. I got to actually see people last weekend! On Saturday, a friend hosted a get-together for her birthday at Rotary Park, in Livonia; people brought mostly individually-packaged food to share, like chips and Hostess CupCakes (me), and we also played a Rolling Stones game that was fun. On Sunday, I met a friend for ice cream outdoors, at the renovated Guernsey in Novi (one of my favorite ice cream places actually). 
  3. Eating out. But not that much, actually. I went to ALDI on Wednesday and then stopped by Chicken Shack after to use my Groupon; they're on a limited menu right now but I was able to get a 10 pc. chicken bites dinner (includes roll + side, I got the Shack potatoes which were drenched in butter and delicious). No onion rings or fried mushrooms on the menu right now, though, which was a bit of a bummer. On Friday, I used a BOGO coupon for Pita Way, in Troy, and on Sunday, I met my parents and we went to Jersey Mike's for some takeout subs. Today I have to go to Bed Bath & Beyond to do curbside pickup for a birthday present for my dad, and I'm hoping to stop by Kung Fu Tea for a bubble tea after too, since it's mostly in the same area. 
  4. Trivia. One of my friends has been hosting virtual trivia every few weeks or so, and we had a game on Monday. It's over Zoom but is audio only, which means I can sit around in grubby pajamas lol (okay not THAT grubby, but my tank top should probably get washed at some point ...). It's always a lot of fun and I always end up learning some new facts, too. 
  5. Trying out new TV shows. So many this week ... Floor is Lava on Netflix, which was giving me some Legends of the Hidden Temple vibes (competitive game show from the '90s), as well as The Feed, on Amazon Prime (how come Prime never advertises any of its shows?? I only heard about this one through my Fire stick), and Netflix released a new season of Dating Around, too. I also finished both Mythic Quest and Trying, which are both on AppleTV and were great, and I watched a bit more of Little America, also on AppleTV. I started Married at First Sight on Netflix yesterday, and I have a feeling that will be my new binge; Netflix only has one season, season 9, but Hulu has seasons 1 through 9. I'm not sure I would ever do that ... they get matched by counselors and then only meet their new husband/wife when they get to the altar! :O 
Dinnerly cheese ravioli with basil and parmesan
Dinnerly cheese ravioli with basil and parmesan

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