The Friday Five, 6/5/20: 5 things I've been up to this week

Quarantine, end of week 12. Things were pretty "normal" this week in my home—I'm getting used to living in a chopped up house—with the exception of some wasps. In the U.S., however, things were far from normal.

Kung Pao bowl, from EveryPlate
Kung Pao bowl, from EveryPlate
What I've been up to this week:
    1. Cooking. My EveryPlate box was supposed to arrive last Friday; I got an email from UPS saying it was arriving MONDAY, which was pretty annoying. It ended up showing up on Saturday. I have another one coming today, as well. 
    2. Watching the news. Protests going on in all 50 states at one point, I read, and luckily most were peaceful. 
    3. Chasing wasps. I REALLY hope my (already torn up) condo doesn't have a wasp infestation ... yesterday one appeared out of nowhere, and it was the third one in about two weeks. I'm terrified of wasps but I chased it down with my electric racket, and finally killed it. Yesterday I saw a grey moth in my house as well. So I'm hoping they're not all hanging out in the exposed rafters or something like that, because if so I will have to call pest control and I've heard they are expensive. 
    4. Tons of work meetings. This week was sales meetings for my company, which I was supposed to go to Illinois for, originally (we have another office there); instead, everything was done via video chat. Today is the first day this week I have no meetings—we usually do a weekly 10am meeting on Fridays but it was canceled, which is good because I have a plumber coming down at 11am for a minor issue. 
    5. Eating out. Last Friday I got Condado takeout because I was craving it—originally I was going to order via DoorDash, since they sent me a 50% off promo, but it was showing as "closed" on DoorDash, so I did the $10 "Bud Box" (two tacos + 1/2 order of chips and your choice of guac or salsa) instead, with curbside pickup. When I arrived, it was a cluster: Condado is on Main St. in Royal Oak, which has two lanes, and everyone was double-parked in the right-hand lane. I had to wait 40 minutes for my takeout but when I got home, I saw that they gave me a gift card ... pretty good customer service. On Saturday, I did Burger King takeout, because I had a free Whopper deal on the app; on Sunday, I got Outback curbside takeout from the Madison Heights location, which surprisingly was delicious (sometimes the MH location is hit or miss). Tonight I am hoping to finally use the DoorDash 50% off, I'm thinking for Woodpile BBQ pickup, since I have a doctor's appointment at 4pm anyways.
    Cherry meatballs, garlic mashed potatoes, & zucchini, from EveryPlate
    Cherry meatballs, garlic mashed potatoes, & zucchini, from EveryPlate

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