The Friday Five, 7/10/20: 5 things I've been up to this week

Quarantine, end of week 17. The scale says I gained FOUR pounds this week, which is ridiculous ... I don't think it's accurate, I think it's a combination of "salt fingers" (my dinner last night was maybe a little salty) and other "woman stuff" that I won't get into here, lol. I've been gaining about a pound a week during quarantine but unfortunately the only exercise I have available to me is walking, and it's been like 90+ degrees all week. :(

Steak tacos from El Guanaco, Troy
Steak tacos from El Guanaco, Troy

What I've been up to this week:
  1. Eating out. Hence where the +4 gain came from, maybe. Last Friday I did get El Guanaco, and I got my $5 AmEx credit too, which was nice—I ordered two pupusas and two tacos, so that I would have enough for two meals. On Saturday, I did Culver's, and the Madison Heights location is still drive-thru only, apparently. On Sunday, I saw my parents, and we had Buddy's Pizza (takeout) for my dad's birthday. On Tuesday, I FINALLY saw my boyfriend (after 4 months of waiting!) and we got Noodles takeout through the Uber Eats promotion ($10 free - check my deals group for details!). Tonight I am seeing him again and we are probably getting Mr. Kabob takeout.
  2. Playing Covidopoly with friends. I have a standing virtual game night with my boyfriend, a college friend, her husband, and some of our mutual friends, and our recent game obsession has been Covidopoly—it's an online version of Monopoly Deal, but COVID themed, and you can find it here. It's great to play with groups, too, although it takes longer if you have more people; we usually have like 4 to 6 people. 
  3. Meeting a friend for pastries. And it almost felt like a normal meet-up except I normally would choose to sit inside vs. outside. I FINALLY got to try out White Wolf Patisserie, in Clawson, which has Japanese-inspired treats. It's an expensive place but all of their stuff was really good. I had a miso caramel tart and my friend got the yuzu lemon cheesecake, as well as some curry rolls; I also got a matcha blondie to go. I'm glad I spent more than $10 with tip there too, because it ended up qualifying for the AmEx deal ($5 back), even though it wasn't on the small business map! Interesting. 
  4. Making condo progress, maybe??? On Tuesday, a carpet person came to clean the carpet, and yesterday, a flooring person from the restoration company came over to bring me some samples to look at. Because my condo flooded (back in MAY ... May 17th, to be exact), I need to get a new kitchen floor and a new bathroom floor. 
  5. Killing bugs. I'm not if it's because my condo is currently a hovel, or because bugs just somehow get in here through little cracks, but there have been a lot of bugs in my place lately. Yesterday the only light on was in my bedroom, so a HUGE FLYING BLACK BUG decided to pay me a visit. My electric racket was downstairs but I managed to squish him with some Kleenex. Related, I also bought my dad an electric racket for his birthday, which I gave to him on Sunday.
And unrelated ... it's been 9 days and I STILL have not received my CVS COVID test results. If you're in this area and need to get tested, I highly recommend Beaumont: you do a virtual visit (on a phone, tablet, or computer cam) ahead of time, they book you an appointment, and I got my test results literally the next day. Plus I didn't have to shove very large, uncomfortable Q-tips up my nose.

Ponzu pork meatloaf, from EveryPlate
Ponzu pork meatloaf, from EveryPlate

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