The Friday Five, 7/17/20: 5 things I've been up to this week

Quarantine, end of week 18. I kind of wonder when I should stop keeping track—technically we are not quarantined anymore and can go as we please, but until there is a COVID-19 vaccine, I still feel quarantined. I've still been avoiding eating-in at restaurants, and I miss traveling, too.

Farmers Market Penne, from EveryPlate
Farmers Market Penne, from EveryPlate

What I've been up to this week:
  1. Buying masks. I bought a cute mask from Vera Bradley (see pic below) and also a corgi/bubble tea one (!) from The VB one initially showed up in a shredded package, and the mask got a little dirty too; this was my first time buying from them and I was surprised, because they have a good reputation usually. I contacted them on Twitter and they sent me a new mask PLUS filters, and they sent it with expedited shipping too—good customer service. The VB one works really well and fits well around my ears; the corgi one is adorable but a little tight on my ears. 
  2. Choosing flooring for my condo! Things are progressing, slowly but surely (hopefully). I chose a brownish/reddish color for my kitchen, similar to what I had previously, and a gray for my two bathrooms ... the gray will definitely be a change but it's pretty modern so I'm excited to see it (right now I have what I thought was an ugly beige tile, it's actually vinyl though). 
  3. Infusion. I got three pokes from the vampires this time (should have been two; one for bloodwork and one for the actual infusion), and my left arm is currently a lovely shade of blackish-purple :( that was from vampire #1. Vampire #2 was better and you can barely see a poke mark on my right arm. I have thin veins that like to hide so that's often a problem. 
  4. Trying out new TV shows. I saw an IMDbTV ad for Ugly Betty, and it turned out Hulu has it too, so I started watching that and I really like it; I'm a big fan of America Ferrera from Superstore and the Traveling Pants series, as well. I also tried the pilot ep of Mad Men last night and liked it—it's streaming on IMDbTV too (with ads) but you can also access that through Prime. 
  5. Takeout and cooking. Last Friday, my boyfriend and I got Mr. Kabob takeout, and Sat. after my infusion I treated myself to some $1 McDonalds fries. Sunday, my parents and I did the Uber Eats meal and got Jersey Mike's takeout, and on Wednesday my boyfriend cooked a sesame beef meal for us, which was delicious. Yesterday, I stopped by the Great Greek too—they were giving away free desserts this week on their Facebook page, so I grabbed some baklava ice cream (yum!), which is still in my freezer. As for cooking, I had EveryPlate last week and Dinnerly this week; yesterday I made some chorizo and potato tacos from Dinnerly which were great. 
Vera Bradley mask; only $8 right now
Vera Bradley mask; only $8 right now

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