The Friday Five, 7/31/20: 5 things I've been up to this week

Quarantine, end of week 20 ... not sure when to stop using the term "quarantine"  but I guess I'll stop whenever things go back to "normal"? Whatever that means anymore ...

Yasso Greek frozen yogurt bars and Reese's pumpkins from BJ's, yum!
Yasso Greek frozen yogurt bars and Reese's pumpkins from BJ's, yum!

What I've been up to this week:
      1. Getting takeout. My boyfriend and I got Hungry Howie's last Friday—they're doing a $12.99 deal which gets you a pizza cookie (see below for pic) and a large 1-topping pizza. On Saturday, my parents and I got takeout from Sidecar Slider Bar, in Commerce, using the Groupon that I purchased—pretty good deal, normally it's $18 and you get $30 to spend, but today there's a 25% off sale so your final price would only be $13.50!
        On Tuesday, my boyfriend and I tried the new-ish Troy Kabob—$4.99 gets you a chicken shawarma meal which includes a shawarma wrap, fries, and a can of soda, or $5.99 for beef shawarma (another great deal, that a Yelp friend told me about). And on Wednesday, I visited a friend in Ann Arbor after my doctor's appointment there and we got Lucky Kitchen (Chinese food) delivered via GrubHub. 
      2. Cooking. We cooked a burger meal from Dinnerly yesterday but unfortunately it was just okay ... the best part were the fries. The sauce called for mayo mixed with ketchup and pickles, and I hate ketchup ... the ketchup:mayo ratio was off, IMO. I got Hello Fresh last week and I'll be getting Dinnerly next week and for the next 3-4 weeks, since they've been giving me a lot of discounts recently.
      3. Getting lost at UM Hospital. This was only my 2nd time there, and last time, we had parked in the P3 structure and walked in from there. However, now because of COVID screenings, they've closed most of the elevator entrances, so you have to go in through the main entrance ... and there were little to NONE signs saying that. Fortunately, they asked me to be there at 3:15pm for a 3:30pm appointment, so I did have a little bit of wiggle room ... it was just frustrating, though.
      4. Playing (virtual) Family Feud. One of my friends has been putting together virtual trivia nights throughout the summer, which have been a lot of fun, and this week we did virtual Family Feud. I am not sure if I've ever played Family Feud before, but it was definitely interesting. Next week she's doing music trivia, as well.
      5. Trying to clean my house, a little bit ... I will be getting new bathroom/kitchen flooring as well as NEW CARPET (decision made from insurance as of last week) so that means I have to move everything off the floor. Carpet won't be installed for about two weeks, but I've been trying to clean everything up meanwhile. Drywall and painting starts MONDAY which also means I'll be going back to the office for a few weeks ... first time since March 13th. :O 
      Cookie pizza from Hungry Howie's
      Cookie pizza from Hungry Howie's

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