The Friday Five, 7/3/20: 5 things I've been up to this week

Quarantine, end of week 16. Another mostly uneventful week. I have today off because of the 4th of July holiday (I decided to take it off) which will be nice—hoping to watch a bit of Netflix (lots of new stuff today, including the Babysitter's Club series remake!) and of course, Hamilton on Disney+.

Pork flautas from Hello Fresh
Pork flautas from Hello Fresh

What I've been up to this week:
  1. Cooking. I had Dinnerly last week and Hello Fresh this week. One of my Dinnerly meals was a caprese sandwich, and I waited like six days to cook it (after receiving it) and the bread went moldy, which was disappointing; I let them know, though, and they gave me a $5 credit. I guess next time I will stick it in the fridge instead. Next week I am having EveryPlate but not until Wednesday. 
  2. Eating takeout. Last Friday, I did Bed Bath & Beyond curbside takeout, in Madison Heights, which was interesting; you basically pull up to the curb, show your license or ID, and they bring you your stuff. I got some Kung Fu Tea after that since it was kinda/sorta in the area. On Saturday night, I used GrubHub to get Indian food delivered from Main St. Kitchen in Clawson, which I had been wanting to try, and it was fantastic; I'll definitely be going back there at some point (fun fact, they have a drive-thru window, too! Because it used to be a Checkers, someone told me). On Sunday, my parents and I did Blaze Pizza takeout, but next time we will use the app ahead of time, because it took a while. Tonight I am thinking I might get El Guanaco takeout; if you're an AmEx user, they have a small business deal where you can get $5 off $10+ purchases, and use it up to 10 times (!), and El Guanaco is on the list, as well as Sy Thai and other local area restaurants and businesses.
  3. Becoming obsessed with Married at First Sight. I watched season 9 on Netflix since that was the only one available, and now I'm on Hulu watching the other seasons ... however, s1-3 isn't on there yet, so I started with season 4. I read some spoilers on Twitter so I know how things are going to turn out, but it's still fun. I'm also on season 2 of The Politician at this point, and I've been watching Catastrophe on Amazon Prime as my lunchtime show. 
  4. Having a socially distanced game day. A friend and her husband who live in Portage are here visiting family, so I went to her parents' house in Novi and we played UNO Flip and Monopoly Deal. We actually dragged a deck table out to the sidewalk to play, lol, so that we could sit in the shade too.
  5. Getting tested for COVID-19 ... not because I think I have it, but to be careful. So my boyfriend and I haven't seen each other since MARCH, and I'm hoping to see him soon; I decided we both should get tested for COVID-19 before we see each other, just to be safe. He went to Beaumont and it was an easy throat swab ... I went to CVS drive-thru and it was pretty terrible. You do your own swab and it's a nose one, and extremely uncomfortable. The email said you will get results in 2-4 days, but now they're telling me 5-10 days, and after THAT, you have to go get ANOTHER test from them, just to make SURE you are negative. Ridiculous. 

covid-19 mask bra meme uncomfortable

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