The Friday Five, 8/14/20: 5 things I've been up to this week

Quarantine, end of week 22, and I'm finally home from the hotel! Construction isn't done yet—drywall/painting is done, except for a few tiny things I found, and flooring starts today (most likely kitchen/bathroom floors today, and carpet next week) so I'm up early and off to the office today. I'll be there Monday and Tuesday as well.

Thai red curry chicken bowl, from Dinnerly
Thai red curry chicken bowl, from Dinnerly

What I've been up to this week:
    1. Eating out. Because I had to ... my hotel room has a small kitchenette, with a tiny cooktop, but I mostly just used the fridge, freezer, and microwave. Last Friday night, I got Outback via Uber Eats, which was tasty; on Sunday, my boyfriend and I got takeout from Main Street Kitchen, an Indian restaurant in Clawson, which was delicious. They also have a 25% off coupon in the Entertainment book and Entertainment book app. I also had Bahama Breeze takeout on Sunday for lunch, because I was looking for something light, but it was just okay. On Monday, I got boneless wings from Detroit Wing Co. (during their 40% off HH, which is 3-5pm every day), and on Tuesday, I checked out of the hotel. 
    2. Seeing friends and family. I try not to do too much of this during the pandemic, although the exception is my parents ... I see them in their house every week, and we wear masks, unless we are eating, and stay 6' apart. Last Saturday, a friend invited me over to her backyard for a socially distanced BBQ, and it was nice to get out of my hotel room and of course see my friend, as well. I also have a standing Friday game night where I "see" friends (it's over Google Hangouts), and we play Covidopoly.
    3. Cooking. I still received a Dinnerly box last week, because I didn't know I would not have access to my kitchen (and that I would be in a hotel for 8 nights ...) so I froze the meats, and luckily there wasn't much produce. My boyfriend and I cooked a tostada meal on Wednesday, and last night I made Thai red curry chicken (see pic above). I have one meal left, a one-pot tortellini meal, which I will probably make on Sunday, and then I get a new Dinnerly box on Tuesday. 
    4. Choosing carpet. I'm getting all-new carpet, which is kind of exciting, and I chose a light gray color—right now I have a beige carpet, and I'm not sure I've ever had gray carpet, but I think it will look nice with the new bathroom floors (which will also be gray), and it's a pretty neutral color overall. 
    5. Watching TV. Particularly Netflix and Hulu. My boyfriend and I have started watching Married at First Sight together, and because I saw him on a Wednesday this week, we streamed the new season 11 episode live on the Lifetime app on my Fire stick. I'm also watching season 7 on Hulu, and I've started season 2 of The Umbrella Academy on Netflix. I'm also still watching Ugly Betty on Hulu and Glee on Netflix ... I think I like Ugly Betty so much because it reminds me of Pushing Daisies, in a way. (not content-wise, obviously, but same type of style)
    house ceilings
    I have ceilings again! (low bar for 2020, I know ...)

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