The Friday Five, 8/28/20: 5 things I've been up to this week

Quarantine, end of week 24 ... crazy that this has been going on almost HALF a year (26 weeks). It's rainy out today but I'll be working at the office while carpet is being installed at my condo.

"Girl Talk" sandwich from Dagwood's Deli, Farmington
"Girl Talk" sandwich from Dagwood's Deli, Farmington

What I've been up to this week:
  1. Eating out/doing takeout. Had my first "dine-in" experience since March, last Sunday at Red Coat Tavern, in West Bloomfield. We originally wanted Smashburger for dinner but it was only open for carry-out—which rather annoys me because I called ahead, and they said their patio was open ... I guess technically it was still open? ... and they never mentioned they were carryout only. Red Coat's $12.50 burger was fine but overpriced. Last Friday, my boyfriend and I waited like 30 or 40 minutes for the Culver's (Madison Heights) drive-thru, which was kind of crazy—it's only open for drive-thru currently, the dining room isn't open—and on Saturday, I met a friend at the Corner Cafe in South Lyon, which is a quick-serve place. Their patio was really nice and cute. We also went swimming at her apartment complex's pool after, which was much-needed; I hadn't been in a pool or lake all summer.
    Also on Sunday, I was in Farmington for book club (see below), and I got the "Girl Talk" sandwich from Dagwood's Deli, which was fantastic—it had ham, pineapple, honey butter, and cheese, on cinnamon bread.
    During the week, the only takeout I had was Panera delivery, last night—I wasn't feeling great and really just wanted some soup and a sandwich.
  2. Book club in Farmington. During the quarantine, we have mostly been doing a virtual book club, but my friend chose the Sundquist Pavilion in downtown Farmington this time, and it was a great place to meet up—they even had a bathroom for me, which was nice. We read The Woman in the Window, by A.J. Finn, which will soon be a movie with Amy Adams and Julianne Moore, and it was a pretty good book. That's also where I got the sandwich from Dagwood's Deli (see above for pic). 
  3. Drive-in movie. A blogger friend was giving away tickets to see Jurassic Park at the 15-Mile Drive-In, which is in the parking lot of the JCC in West Bloomfield (where, fun fact, I worked as a swim instructor one summer). This is why we did Red Coat beforehand; we were looking for somewhere to eat in the area. The drive-in has a nice set-up, but unfortunately we left midway through—the only bathrooms available are port-a-potties, and they didn't turn off their sprinklers, so I was unfortunately using those and also getting wet from the sprinklers at the same time, which did not make for a pleasant experience. If you can hold your bladder for ~2 hours, though, and live in the WB area, you might have a better experience than I did. 
  4. Dentist appointment. Normally something this mundane wouldn't make the "Friday Five," but it was my first dentist appointment in the COVID era. I had a feeling the hygienist would be dressed in full head-to-toe PPE, and she was. Masks were required in the waiting room and common areas but obviously not during the actual appointment. 
  5. Cooking. I had Dinnerly last week, I received an order this week, and I'll be receiving an order next week, too—they've been giving me a ton of discounts lately. Unfortunately, this week they actually sent me one DIFFERENT meal than the one I ordered ... I always sort through the ingredients to make sure nothing is missing, and when I got to the 3rd meal, which should have been Steak Quesadillas, instead I had chicken, pasta, tomato sauce, some cheese, and other ingredients. I figured out pretty quickly that it was their Chicken Cacciatore meal (which I will still make; it sounds tasty), but I was also annoyed that they sent me the wrong meal. Luckily their customer service made it right, and gave me $10 off my next box. 
Swimming at a friend's apt. complex in South Lyon
Swimming at a friend's apt. complex in South Lyon

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