The Friday Five, 8/7/20: 5 things I've been up to this week

Quarantine, end of week 21, and this week I'm in a hotel, which I was not expecting; however, my place ended up being very dusty while they are doing drywall and painting. I'll be here for another few days and originally was going to check out today, too.

Skillet Ravioli "Lasagna" from Dinnerly
Skillet Ravioli "Lasagna" from Dinnerly

What I've been up to this week:
  1. Cooking. I received a Dinnerly box last week, and the recipes were pretty good; one of them was a skillet ravioli "lasagna," pictured above. I also got a box this week—I didn't know I wasn't going to be able to use my kitchen—but luckily there wasn't a lot of produce in it, so I froze the meats and also the snap peas. Hoping to be able to cook those starting Tuesday. I was able to skip my order for next week so that I have time to play catchup.
  2. Living in a hotel. I was supposed to only be here till Friday, but I extended it until Tuesday ... and I'm very lucky I was ABLE to extend it, because when I called and asked, they had 0 rooms left. I actually was able to find 1 room left online, so today I will have to "check out" and then "check back in," but am able to stay in my same room. The hotel is only like a 5-minute drive from my house, too, which is convenient, since I've been having to wake up early to let the workmen in.
  3. Eating out. Wasn't planning on it this week but insurance gives me a per diem, which is nice. Yesterday I did curbside pickup from Panera and got enough food for 2 lunches and breakfast today, so I won't have to interrupt my workflow. Last night, my boyfriend and I (kinda/sorta?) did patio dining at Detroit Fleat ... it was nice to eat at a restaurant again! The only interactions we had with the waiter was when he dropped off our food—we ordered in line beforehand, since we were waiting for a table, but the wait was only like 10 minutes which was nice. Last Saturday, my parents and I got Cottage Inn takeout at their house, and on Sunday, my boyfriend brought us Brome, which is my favorite (but in Dearborn, so closer to him than me). On Tuesday, we also got Mr. Kabob takeout. 
  4. Working at the office. I hadn't been back to my office since March 13th, and on Monday I worked from like 9am to 5pm at the office ... it was pretty empty there. We have to wear masks in the common areas but do not need to at our desks. I will most likely be working there a little more over the coming weeks while my floors (carpeting + bathroom/kitchen floors) are being done, too, but this week I've just been working from my hotel room.
  5. Doctor's appointments. I had my monthly B12 shot on Wednesday and I also met a coworker in the parking lot to give her some chocolates that I received as work samples. On Thursday, I had another doctor's appointment as well. 
Mai tai "slooshie" (boozy slushie) at Detroit Fleat
Mai tai "slooshie" (boozy slushie) at Detroit Fleat

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