The Friday Five, 9/18/20: 5 things I've been up to this week

Quarantine, end of week 27. Not much going on this week ... Blogger (the platform I use for this blog, most bloggers either use Blogger or WordPress) is finally making me switch over to their new revamped platform, which I don't like—I had been using "Legacy" Blogger for quite a while. And in TV news, Hulu's PEN15 is back for a second season today! The first season was hilarious, so I definitely plan on watching it. 

Chicken tikka pizza from Gift of India, Farmington, MI

What I've been up to this week:

  1. Dining out for my Instagram. It's been a hot minute since I went to a foodie event or was invited anywhere for my blog, but Gift of India, in Farmington, invited me to try some of their menu items. They are more of a carryout place but they do have two tables outside, which worked for me, and I was told I could use their employee bathroom too if needed. We sampled the chicken tikka pizza, pictured above; their mango lassi as well as an appetizer; some of their wrap sandwiches; and an interesting milky dessert, which I hadn't had before. You can see more pics over at my Instagram, as well.
  2. Buying Pita Way's $50/$50 match gift card. Technically this was like the middle of last week, but last Friday my boyfriend and I got Pita Way takeout for dinner. Pita Way does this fantastic deal once a year, where if you buy a $50 gift card, they ADD $50 to your gift card, making it $100. Last year I did not do it since I wasn't that familiar with the restaurant, but there's one right in Troy, and their sandwiches ("sandweech," as they call it) are pretty good. 
  3. Dining out with my parents. It was their first time doing patio dining, at MOD Pizza Northville, and it did not go so well because some bees decided to join us for lunch; so we ended up just bringing the pizza back to their condo. I also brought over a flamingo watercolor painting that I had purchased for them in Grand Haven, and it looks great hung up in their condo.
  4. Watching Netflix movies. Yesterday I saw both The Social Dilemma, which was pretty interesting—it focuses on how we use social media and also how it basically uses US—and The Devil All The Time, which I had wanted to see because Robert Pattinson and Tom Holland are in it. TDATT was slow and not really my type of movie, but it was wild to see Pattinson do a Southern accent in it; apparently it's based on a book, also, which I'm now interested in reading, because I feel like it might be less confusing than the movie was.
  5. Donating books to a friend's Little Free Library. A Yelp friend of mine has been maintaining a Little Free Library near her, and she came over Monday to pick up some books from me. I also got to meet her doggo, named Pepper, who was super cute. 
Flamingo painting from Grand Haven that I bought for my parents

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