The Friday Five, 9/25/20: 5 things I've been up to this week

Quarantine, end of week 28. (Should I keep keeping track of this? It's not like we are restricted to our homes now ... but I'm also curious to see how many weeks it ends up being.)

This was kind of a week of excess ... ate out quite a bit but also had some very tasty meals. 

Peanut Butter Pave at Prime + Proper, Detroit
Peanut Butter Pave at Prime + Proper, Detroit

What I've been up to this week:

  1. Eating out. Lots of good meals, too. Last Friday, my boyfriend and I went to Granite City's patio, in Troy (and were the only ones there, because it was FREEZING out) for their happy hour. I was hoping maybe their heat lamps would be on but apparently they didn't have gas for it. Their pizzas are always delicious, but we ate fast because it was cold. Saturday was much more pleasant, and I met a friend at Browndog Northville (and was also able to use my deal, yay! It's for Farmington but that location is temporarily closed). On Wednesday, my boyfriend took me out to Prime + Proper, in Detroit, for my anniversary gift, and it was just as fabulous as I had hoped it would be ... I had been wanting to try that restaurant for a while now. Definitely pricey but they also have a really nice secluded patio area. (and bonus, there was a dog park across the street too, to see cute pups!)
  2. Watching the Emmy's. It was weird but they pulled it off. Jimmy Kimmel hosted, from the Staples Center in LA, but it was only him and a few other celebrities there. Most celebrities were at home with significant others or family, but a few threw small get-togethers, like the Schitt's Creek cast, which ended up sweeping! (great show if you haven't seen it btw) Overall it was still interesting to watch, but definitely didn't have any of the pomp from previous years. 
  3. Trying new TV shows. Related to #2, I started watching Euphoria on HBO this week—Zendaya beat out Jennifer Aniston for The Morning Show and a bunch of other heavyweights to win the Emmy for it, and it is much deserved. Definitely not a show for everyone, as it's pretty R-rated, but I like it a lot. Last night I tried out Filthy Rich, the new Kim Cattrall show, and that one is good too; there are lots of twists in it. Hulu has the first three episodes available now, as does Xfinity on-demand, even though technically only one has aired so far. I also finished both The Duchess and Julie and the Phantoms on Netflix, so I need a new half-hour show to watch now.
  4. Ordering meal prep boxes but having them be delayed. I was supposed to receive a Dinnerly box on Tuesday, but it showed up Wednesday; I had been hoping to cook Tuesday night, but oh well. I ordered a free EveryPlate box for my parents, which was supposed to show up on Wednesday; FedEx tracking said it was delivered at 11:30am, but they didn't see it on their porch or near their garage. Later in the day, a lady showed up at their door with the package—it had been delivered to her by mistake! Nice to know there are still Good Samaritans out there; I was thinking either the package had been stolen (but FAST, because my mom checked outside at 12:30pm) or delivered to the wrong address.
  5. Doing online pick-up at 2 different BJ's locations. I picked up some Swiffer 180 refills at the Madison Heights one last Saturday on the way to my parents. Pretty interesting: I figured BJ's would have parking spots for online pick-up, but the spots are actually on the side, by the gas station area. I also had my boyfriend get me a 4-pack of Softsoap, but from the Taylor BJ's location, since MH was out; I thought maybe he'd have to show a pic of my BJ's card or maybe an ID pic, but they really didn't question him at all, which was good. 
Ice cream flight at Browndog Creamery, Northville
Ice cream flight at Browndog Creamery, Northville

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