The Friday Five, 9/4/20: 5 things I've been up to this week

Quarantine, end of week 25. My house is STILL not done but I at least now have carpet! There are only small things left to do. This week went by pretty fast, and I've started patio dining, at least until the weather gets colder.

Chicken Cacciatore, from Dinnerly
Chicken Cacciatore, from Dinnerly

What I've been up to this week:
    1. Being poked. Had my B12 shot yesterday—in the past 6 months, I was allowed into the actual doctor's office like once, and usually they just do it in the hallway of the building—and tomorrow is infusion day. I had to see a skin doctor earlier in the week for an issue, too, which also involved me being poked :(. After my infusion the fun part of the weekend begins though—we are going out for my boyfriend's birthday, either to Chop House (Ann Arbor) or Eddie V's (Troy) and then will be going to the Holland/Grand Haven area for the long weekend. 
    2. Eating out. I'm comfortable with patio dining as long as there is social distancing and it's outdoors. We snagged one of Ale Mary's (Royal Oak) TWO patio tables last week, and my boyfriend got a burger on a MAC & CHEESE BUN (yes, you read that correctly; pictured below) with fries, and a beer. I had the "crispier chicken sandwich" with fries and I finally got to try Blake's new Caramel Apple hard cider, which was pretty good. Ale Mary's is not cheap, but we at least got $20 off with the Royal Oak dollars that downtown RO had been distributing. On Wednesday, a Birthright friend of mine and her husband were in town from Massachusetts, so we met them at Bobcat Bonnie's in Ferndale for dinner, on their HUGE new patio (in back of the restaurant, near the parking), which was also very enjoyable. 
    3. Cooking. I had a Dinnerly box last week and one this week. I probably should not have ordered one this week because it's been busy, but oh well; I was able to freeze the chicken from the 3rd dish, a sticky chicken with rice dish, and I will make it next week. I made the pulled pork gyro with ras al hanout spice earlier this week, and will be making beef tostadas later today. Dinnerly screwed up and gave me the WRONG recipe last week—I ordered Steak Quesadillas and they sent Chicken Cacciatore—but it ended up being pretty tasty anyways, and they gave me a $10 credit to make up for it. 
    4. Curbside library pickup. My book club is reading The Orchid Thief for this month, so I put a hold at the Clawson library, as well as for Adaptation, the Nicholas Cage movie which features the book. I ended up not checking out the movie, because it was $1 ... not because I'm cheap, but because I probably won't have time to watch it this week, so I'll reserve it another time. You have to call the library when you get there (preferably before, I think?) and then they put your stuff outside on a table for you; when I arrived, 3 parcels were already there for other patrons. However, I guess you were also supposed to check them out—not sure how, maybe online?—beforehand.
    5. Watching "new" TV shows. I say "new" because one of them is back—A.P. Bio is back but is now streaming on Peacock, so all 8 new episodes are available now. I also started watching Five Bedrooms on Peacock and I can't decide if I like it or not yet; overall I like it but I'm not sure if it's worth my time to watch more. I've been watching a bit of Friends on HBO Max, as well, even though I've seen the whole series before. 
    "Fat Dan" burger at Ale Mary's (mac & cheese bun!), Royal Oak
    "Fat Dan" burger at Ale Mary's (mac & cheese bun!), Royal Oak

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