The Friday Five, 10/23/20: 5 things I've been up to this week

I didn't do that much this week but work has been super busy, so it feels like I did a lot. Hoping to sneak in a walk today ... weighed myself and the scale is still being unkind (my fault, of course, but it is HARD to exercise during quarantine as I have no gym access) so I'm hoping to start walking more.

Sweet Soy Glazed Steak Tacos from HelloFresh
Sweet Soy Glazed Steak Tacos from HelloFresh

What I've been up to this week:

  1. Cooking. More so than eating out this week. I had HelloFresh last week, and on Friday I made the Sweet Soy Glazed Steak Tacos that you see above. I have Dinnerly this week, and last night we made Cowboy Burgers with fries—they're called that because the sauce was BBQ sauce mixed with ranch dressing. Very Midwest, lol, but it actually tasted pretty good. Next week I will be doing Dinnerly as well. 
  2. Getting takeout. It's getting a bit cold to do patio dining now (although today is supposed to be 75! Albeit rainy), and my parents and I got Cottage Inn takeout on Saturday night. On Sunday, I got Panera takeout for lunch, since they gave me a $10 off coupon, and also mailed me a 25% off coupon. On Tuesday, my boyfriend and I got Pita Way takeout—I still have about $52 left from the $100 gift card I had (from their annual deal: $50 that I purchased, and $50 that they added!), and I actually just won a $10 Pita Way gift card from a website, so really I have $62. 
  3. Switching phones. For my work phone, I had a 2016 iPhone SE, with AT&T, and work is switching us to T-Mobile, so I got a shiny new 2020 iPhone SE in the mail yesterday. After some wrangling today, my "old" work number FINALLY got "ported" over to the new phone ... and apparently I get to keep the old phone too, which I was not expecting! I will miss my old iPhone but the new one is super nice. I'm more of an Android girl overall (my personal phone is a Samsung Galaxy s8, which is about to be three years old next month) but I definitely love how easy it is to transfer all of your apps, iMessages, etc. on iPhone ... literally took like 5-10 minutes, and whenever I get a new Android it takes me 1-2 HOURS to customize it. (but I do love my customized ringtones and text tones ...) 
  4. Watching the new Borat movie. It's out on Amazon Prime today, and is just as wild as the 2006 one. This one has a very long title but I'll just call it BORAT SUBSEQUENT MOVIEFILM, and I gave it 3/5 stars, which is what I gave the first one as well (which I rewatched on Saturday, actually—it's also on Prime). I also got a fun swag box sent to me (see pic below, haha!) with some Borat Subsequent Moviefilm goodies. If you end up watching it on Prime, let me know what you think of the movie!
  5. Attending a virtual summit for work. Hence why I've been so busy this week. The food safety magazine I work for usually hosts an event every May, but obviously this year's got postponed due to coronavirus, and then they decided to host a virtual event in October. I had to attend sessions every day and also do write-ups about it (which you can see here). They will be doing a hybrid virtual/in-person event in May 2021 (hopefully ...) next year, too. 
Borat mask
My new mask. Verry niiiiiice!

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