The Friday Five, 10/30/20: 5 things I've been up to this week

This week was busy but it also felt like I didn't really do much. I have to shlep to Canton later for a COVID test—not because I have symptoms, but because it's required for my colonoscopy, which is Monday ... I feel like UM should have developed a rapid test already? Seems kind of a moot point to get a COVID test on Friday, when I could contract it Saturday or Sunday. I was hoping to take the test in Troy, but it has to be at a UM center, and my choices were Canton or Brighton.

Caramel apples from ALDI
Caramel apples from ALDI

What I've been up to this week:
  1. Getting takeout. Last Saturday, I visited a friend who was in town, and her parents live in the Novi area, so for the first time since January I was able to get Cheesecake Factory takeout. I also got Hungry Howie's pizza for dinner with my parents that night. On Tuesday, my boyfriend and I got Sy Thai takeout, from Troy, too. 
  2. Cooking. I had Dinnerly last week and this week. Yesterday I made beef taquitos, which I've actually made before from them, but they are tasty. I made "Saucy Pepper Chicken" the day before that (see pic below), too. Next week I am also getting Dinnerly, since they keep giving me such good deals. Related-ish, I also purchased some caramel apples from ALDI this week (see above), which were delicious.
  3. Attending another virtual event for work. We had the IFEC event this week, which has to do with food and food companies. On Tuesday I went to a few virtual sessions, which were interesting, and then on Wednesday between 10-11am I went to "office hours," which was basically like speed dating—I saw four different PR people in 15-minute time spans. This involved Zoom "breakout" rooms which I hadn't used before, so definitely was a new experience for me. 
  4. Watching UM football. Pretty weird this year with little to no fans in the audience, but watched about half of the UM vs. Minnesota game on Saturday; I was watching it at my parents' house but I usually leave there around 9pm on Saturdays, and I think the game went until 10:30 or 10:45pm. They play MSU tomorrow and I plan on watching at least some of it at home. 
  5. Watching movies/TV shows. I watched the new Netflix movie Holidaze last night and I'd give it 3/5 stars; it's cute and fluffy but not as good as I wanted it to be. I finished The Bold Type on Hulu so now my show of choice to get through is Gossip Girl on Netflix, but I've also been watching Grand Army, and my lunchtime show has been Away; I'm glad I returned to that show because it's been very good, and I only have one episode left. Unfortunately, Netflix did announce that they will not be renewing it for a second season.
"Saucy Pepper Chicken," from Dinnerly
"Saucy Pepper Chicken," from Dinnerly

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