The Friday Five, 10/9/20: 5 things I've been up to this week

Quarantine, end of week 30. This week seemed busy, I think because I had some errands to do and also got my B12 shot. Hoping to get my flu shot next week, but I'm doing a staycation in Ann Arbor tonight so I didn't want to chance any side effects beforehand (rare, for me, but you never know). 

Spiced Chicken Tagine, from EveryPlate - delicious!
Spiced Chicken Tagine, from EveryPlate - delicious!

What I've been up to this week:

  1. Eating out. Last Friday, I had a DoorDash gift card to use so I got delivery from LC's Asian Kitchen, my first time trying them—they're located in Madison Heights. On Saturday, my parents and I had a DoorDash gift card to use (we all won them through myVegas) and we got Noodles takeout. On Tuesday, I saw my parents again, since I'm not seeing them this weekend, and we got Happy's Pizza takeout, which was surprisingly delicious. And yesterday my boyfriend and I got Pita Way takeout—I did their "buy a $50 gift card, get a $50 gift card" deal about a month ago, and it's the gift that keeps on giving ... I still have like $60 left on my $100 gift card. Plus they usually do "buy 1, get 1 half-off" sandwich coupons too (or "sandweech," as it's listed on the menu. Oh and on Sunday, my boyfriend and I tried out Froze Creamery, which is currently on Groupon, for rolled ice cream, and that was pretty good.
  2. Using an ATM. This isn't that exciting, but it was my first time using an LMCU ATM (my credit union) and their machine was pretty weird ... it was the one in Farmington and instead of inserting your card short side in, per normal, I had to insert it long side in ... first time I've seen that before. 
  3. Watching movies/TV shows (at home). Last night my boyfriend and I watched Plus One on Hulu, which was pretty cute—if you're a fan of Maya Erskine from PEN15, she was in it, as well as Jack Quaid (who apparently is the son of Dennis Quaid and Meg Ryan?! I didn't even know they had a kid together), who is currently in Amazon Prime's The Boys. It was pretty cute with quirky humors so I liked it a lot, I'd give it 3.5/5 stars. I've also been watching The Bold Type on Hulu, and I started watching The Unicorn on Netflix this week, with Walton Goggins, who I liked in HBO's crazy Vice Principals. The Unicorn was actually a CBS show so if you have Xfinity (but no Netflix) you should be able to find it as well, on on-demand. 
  4. Watching the vice presidential debate. Which was definitely more coherent than the presidential one. It was interesting to see Harris in action, too, as I haven't watched many speeches with her yet. (and can we agree that the main showstopper was the fly? LOL ...)
  5. Going to an eye doctor appointment. I had my yearly appointment on Wednesday and then you can't really see that well afterwards, since they dilate your eyes, which made it a challenge to cook dinner on Wednesday night ... I ended up putting my lights on in the kitchen but wearing sunglasses ... 

Rolled ice cream from Froze Creamery, Clawson
Rolled ice cream from Froze Creamery, Clawson

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