The Friday Five, 11/27/20: 5 things I've been up to this week

Didn't really do much this week, but it has been nice to have two days off of work ... since I'm not traveling at much (read: at all) this year because of the pandemic, days off work don't happen as much. (not counting my colonoscopy because ... that definitely wasn't a vacation ...) 

Brown sugar bourbon meatloaf from HelloFresh
Brown sugar bourbon meatloaf from HelloFresh

What I've been up to this week:
  1. Cooking. I had a HelloFresh box last week, and Dinnerly this week. I debated if I needed a box this week or not because of Thanksgiving, but I didn't stay with my parents this year (and won't be for my Christmas break, too) because of the pandemic so I got my box on Monday instead of Tuesday this week, and already have cooked two of the three meals. HelloFresh is always a treat for me because it's a bit more expensive than Dinnerly ... I've been getting Dinnerly for $18.96 a box which is a fantastic price (it's $38.96 normally) and I did HelloFresh for $35.96 this week, an old discount that I had been saving up for a while (normal price: $60 per box). 
  2. Getting takeout. Last Friday my boyfriend and I tried Orchid Cafe (the one at Square Lake/Livernois, in Troy, not the Rochester Rd location) because I had an Entertainment book coupon, but it was just okay. The meals themselves and the fresh rolls ("summer rolls," on their menu) were good, but the Thai iced tea was inedible :( bit of a bummer since I usually get Sy Thai (Troy/Bham) and theirs is delicious. On Saturday, my parents and I got Buddy's takeout—they are offering a free 4-square, 1-topping pizza in the new app, with purchase—and on Sunday, my boyfriend and I got Condado Tacos, from the new Troy location, which was delicious. Plus they accidentally almost doubled our order, so he had lunch for the next day too. On Tuesday, my boyfriend and I also got City BBQ takeout, because they had given us each $5 off in the app to "come back" and try it. 
  3. Thanksgiving. It's always my parents and I for Thanksgiving and that hasn't changed, but I only see them with masks now, except when we are eating. We sat at their dining room table, and my dad and I were 6 feet apart, with my mom eating in the next room, at the kitchen table. Better to be safe than sorry, basically. None of us are big turkey people so we had ham and also Trader Joe's Mandarin chicken.
  4. Yelp biscuit-making virtual event. Yelp Grand Rapids did a virtual event with Tupelo Honey, which just opened in Grand Rapids, and they taught us how to make their biscuits. My biscuits came out tasty but are HUGE and I had like 18 of them! I brought some to Thanksgiving on Thursday. What's funny is that Tupelo Honey is a chain, and I thought I had never been, but it turns out I have been to their Arlington, VA (DC-area) location about three years ago, when I was visiting my college roommate who now lives in DC; I remembered we had gone to a honey-themed restaurant, and when I looked it up on Yelp, sure enough, I had left a review. Whoops!
  5. New TV shows and movies. There is certainly not a lack of entertainment this week! Yesterday I watched the first three episodes of The Flight Attendant, which were great; it's a new series on HBO Max starring Kaley Cuoco, and interestingly enough, is a drama (I'm most familiar with her on BBT, which was a comedy). I also watched The Princess Switch on Netflix (a movie) which was cheesy, but now I want to watch the sequel, haha. I tried out the new Saved by the Bell series on Peacock, which was also cheesy but had an interesting premise, so I'll be watching more of that; and I want to watch the Folklore special on Disney+ as well as Black Beauty, which came out today. For our Thanksgiving movie yesterday we watched Hillbilly Elegy, on Netflix, which was sad but had really good acting by Amy Adams and Glenn Close. It's apparently based on a book so I want to read that now too (as is The Flight Attendant, btw). 
Is Addams Family Values a Thanksgiving movie? Chime in at the comments...
Is Addams Family Values a Thanksgiving movie? Leave a comment below...

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