The Friday Five, 11/6/20: 5 things I've been up to this week

Welcome to Election Day, again, as I've seen some memes say this week. It's three days after everyone has voted in the U.S. and we are STILL counting the ballots, so there is no clear winner yet. Needless to say, most people I know have been glued to the news this week, myself included, though I've mostly just been refreshing electoral maps on my phone ... 

Goodies for the Virtual Honey Board Summit
Goodies for the Virtual Honey Board Summit

What I've been up to this week:
  1. Virtual Honey Board Summit for work. One of my very first work trips in 2016 was actually for this, as well—that time, I traveled to Chicago, but obviously this year's was virtual. We got to try a bunch of different honeys, and they also sent us some honey goodies, like that LARABAR you see above in the picture. 
  2. Seeing friends. I didn't realize how much I've been missing human interaction until I met up with some friends (outside, socially distanced) yesterday on another friend's patio. We talked for a few hours and it was really nice to see people other than my parents and boyfriend for once. 
  3. Colonoscopy. My boyfriend and I stayed over at Candlewood Suites Ann Arbor on Sunday night, because my colonoscopy was Monday at 2pm. This was a different prep than Beaumont's from last year, and it involved drinking 128 oz. of the prep liquid ... which made for a fun Sunday night/Monday morning. Fingers crossed I don't have to have another one for two years; there is a possibility I may have to have another one in six months. :( 
  4. Getting takeout and eating out(side). Last Friday, I had to drive all the way to Canton to get a COVID test from UM, since they were the ones doing my colonoscopy on Monday, and so I finally got to use up my Ruby Tuesday gift cards; the Canton location is the LAST one left in this area, besides the one at the airport. On Saturday, a friend and I went to the Fisher Building, in Detroit, to pick up our Yelp swag bags, and then we went to Green Dot Stables—they've basically winterized their outdoor area, with a tent-type thing over it. GDS is always delicious, too. I couldn't eat anything Sunday and Monday morning before my colonoscopy, for the most part (Sunday was liquids + Jell-O, Monday was nothing), so afterwards my parents got me Noodles + Co. takeout. I also grabbed some Ding Tea in Madison Heights yesterday to bring over to my friend's house; I had been to the Novi location before but not the MH one. 
  5. Picking up Yelp swag. My friend Susan picked me up on Saturday—we wore masks in the car and/or opened the windows—and we journeyed to the Fisher Building; more specifically, The Peacock Room, which, despite having been to the Fisher multiple times for shows, I had never been to. If you like vintage things, you MUST check this place out—everything there is gorgeous. Our swag bags included some alcohol samplers from Cask & Crew, some cotton candy from local store Spun Sugar, some hard candies from a local store, Yelp hand sanitizer, a Yelp first-aid kit and more. We also got a 10% off coupon to The Peacock Room, which I used on a greeting card. 
Sliders and drinks at Green Dot Stables, Detroit
Sliders and drinks at Green Dot Stables, Detroit

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