The Friday Five, 12/4/20: 5 things I've been up to this week

I really haven't done much this week, so I was kind of surprised to see I had gained two pounds between today and my last weigh-in ... and then I remembered that Thanksgiving was last week, and then THIS week I've been eating leftovers and also takeout leftovers. Oops. However! I started doing zumba online, with a zumba teacher that used to teach at LA Fitness in Troy, and that has been fun and also pretty good for my Fitbit numbers; I got in about 8,000 steps on Monday and Tuesday when I did her classes (compared to my usual paltry like ~2000 steps/day nowadays). 

Chicken Piccata from The Cheesecake Factory
Chicken Piccata from The Cheesecake Factory

What I've been up to this week:
    1. Not that much takeout, surprisingly. I'm not seeing my boyfriend for the next 2 weeks to be safe (1 week left to go) because he went to a 10-person Thanksgiving, so I haven't had any takeout this week since Saturday; however, I am thinking about getting Uber Eats tonight, maybe Thai food, because I have an Uber Eats gift card. Last Friday, my parents came to my house and we had Pita Way takeout—they sit at my kitchen table and I sit about 20 feet away, in my living room—and on Saturday, I got Cheesecake Factory takeout with some friends and also Ding Tea (bubble tea). Other than that, I've been subsisting on Thanksgiving leftovers, CF leftovers, and some Dinnerly meals. 
    2. Cooking. I had Dinnerly last week, I think, and also got it this week. I made an Everything Bagel seasoned steak with sour cream mashed potatoes a few nights ago, and some Mediterranean-type meatballs with couscous. I still have a tostadas recipe left for this weekend, also. Last night I cooked a thin-crust margarita pizza, as well. 
    3. Yelp virtual event with Bon Bon Bon. I've never had their chocolates before, so I wasn't sure how interesting this event would be, but it ended up being pretty cool. We learned the history of the shop and it turns out they literally make each bon (tiny piece of chocolate) by hand. They gave us a 10% off discount code so I'm hoping to do pickup at the Detroit location sometime soon. 
    4. Virtual event with Wisconsin Cheese. This was for work, last night, and they sent me a VERY generously-sized package filled with all sorts of different cheeses, as well as two bottles of wine (1 red, 1 white) to pair with them. We watched a pizza maker make all sorts of interesting pizzas, too, and heard from one of the head chefs at Sartori. 
    5. Starting zumba. A coworker recommended this class to me (see opening paragraph of blog post for link) and it turns out I already knew the instructor, because she used to teach at LAF Troy, where I used to work out (and still technically have a membership, but I put it on hold due to the pandemic). She does both pre-recorded classes and live classes, and they're quite a workout! I recommended checking her out if you like zumba. 
    Brown sugar tea from Ding Tea, Novi
    Brown sugar tea from Ding Tea, Novi

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