Review: Elegear Cooling Comforter {and 20% off discount code!}

Review: Elegear Cooling Comforter {and 20% off code!}
*Disclosure: Elegear provided me the below product at no cost to myself, for reviewing purposes. The opinions expressed here, however, are my own.

I was recently contacted by Elegear, who offered me a few products to review. I chose the Cooling Comforter, because my current comforter is about nine years old, and I was intrigued to see if it did indeed keep me cool during sleeptime. 

I am the type that tends to be cold all of the time, so in the winter, I like a thick, cozy comforter. My boyfriend, whom I call "polar bear," likes to have the fan on when we sleep, and tends to burn up. So it can often be tricky to find a balance between the two; my (nine-year-old) comforter is thick, which I like, but he isn't the biggest fan of it, because of that. 

We tried out the cooling comforter last night. I do sleep with regular sheets on too—I just noticed in the picture that the cooling blanket/comforter is meant to be put directly on your skin, it seems.

My sheets are a dark blue color, so the light blue cooling comforter color matched pretty well. There is also a gray color choice, but it's currently sold out on Amazon. 

Review: Elegear Cooling Comforter {and 20% off code!}

Overall, I thought the cooling comforter was nice—it's a polyester blend, and definitely felt like it, but it is a good option to have for the summer months, when I might not want as thick of a comforter as my regular one is (maybe not the best option to test drive it in February, haha, but it was a nice change from my normal comforter).

My boyfriend really liked the cooling comforter, though—he said it was nice to have a thinner comforter than the one we usually use. 

Review: Elegear Cooling Comforter {and 20% off code!}

Elegear has provided me with a 20% off discount code for my readers, and there's also a $5.00 clickable coupon on Amazon right now too—the comforter is listed at $57.99 currently, and with the $5 clickable plus my code, your final price should be around $43.87!

Code: 49SUP9IQ

Click here to purchase.

Do you usually like a lighter comforter, or a heavier one, depending on the seasons? 

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