The Friday Five, 2/12/21: 5 things I've been up to this week

This week has seemed really long, for some reason. I was trying to cut back a bit on sugar, but then three boxes of cookies (like three BOXES, with 3-5 boxes of cookies EACH, inside) showed up at my doorstep for work samples ... so much for that! They are delicious, too. I've also been working my way through my Bon Bon Bon Valentine's Day collection—each one is like a present, and also like a piece of art.

Srodek's Farmer's Cheese pierogies and HUGE potato pancakes
Srodek's Farmer's Cheese pierogies and HUGE potato pancakes

What I've been up to this week:
    1. Cooking. As you can see above, I made a Srodek's run last week, to the Sterling Heights location, and I fried up some of their Farmer's Cheese pierogies, along with their gigantic potato pancakes, for lunch one day. I had the pierogies with sour cream and the potato pancakes with applesauce, both left over from our Polish Village Cafe takeout the week before. I also had a Dinnerly box this week and I think Dinnerly last week, too, and I will have a few EveryPlate boxes coming up next week and the week after that. 
    2. Takeout and the last of my birthday freebies. On Sunday, I ordered a milkshake on the app at Potbelly—the last birthday freebie, not counting free chocolate strawberries at Melting Pot, if I end up going there before March (doubtful)—and I was pleasantly surprised: when I got there, they had my shake waiting in the freezer area, vs. just on the regular pickup shelf (great service!). On Sunday, my boyfriend and I got Mr. Kabob takeout, which is always delicious. 
    3. Trying a new grocery store. I went to Nino Salvaggio's in Troy on Sunday, before Potbelly, on the hunt for a specific product that they had (Topor's pickles). That place was like DISNEYLAND—it had multiple rooms (separated by sliding doors), a huge bakery section, and tons of other tempting items. I ended up only buying half of a cut-up watermelon (who has watermelon in February?! That's like a treat) plus the pickles, and surprisingly, the pickles were only $3.99; I was thinking they'd be $5.99 or more. 
    4. Finishing up mortgage refinancing. My official close date will be a week from Monday, but I FINALLY (fingers crossed) was able to finish it up. I will be paying about $170 less per month than I am now, on my mortgage, and *no more* PMI! It's a good time to remortgage now because I'm going from 3.875% interest to 2.875% interest, which is pretty crazy. 
    5. Watching TV and movies, and looking forward to new movies. There are like FOUR new things out today that I want to watch this weekend: Judas and the Black Messiah (HBO Max), The Map of Tiny Perfect Things (Prime), To All The Boys I've Loved Before (whatever the new movie is - on Netflix), and a new WandaVision episode. Last Saturday, my parents and I watched The Little Things, the new Denzel and Jared Leto (and Rami Malek) movie on HBO Max, and I would give it maybe like 3.25/5; some people have complained that the ending is dissatisfying, but I liked it. However, the movie was pretty slow.
      I also did a rewatch of Crazy Rich Asians this week, and I finally finished Firefly Lane, on Netflix, which again, some people said they disliked, but I loved it; I need to read the book now. I also got sucked into rewatching Greek on Hulu again; I was watching Grown-ish and the pilot episode started auto-playing afterwards. I'm also still working on Bunheads on Hulu, and I'd like to go back to finishing Insatiable on Netflix at some point, too. There's also a new Married at First Sight episode to watch but I usually wait for my boyfriend since he and I watch that show together. 
    "Peaches and Greens" chocolate bon from Bon Bon Bon
    "Peaches and Greens" bon from Bon Bon Bon

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