The Friday Five, 2/19/21: 5 things I've been up to this week

Not much going on this week except work stuff. I actually haven't even had any takeout, except for Sunday (Valentine's Day) when we got Buddy's Pizza, and some bubble tea at the new place in Troy, Onezo. 

Bon Bon Bon Valentine's Day collection
Bon Bon Bon Valentine's Day collection

What I've been up to this week:
      1. Watching a lot of movies. Last Friday, To All the Boys: Always and Forever debuted on Netflix, so of course I watched that right away ... I'm a huge fan of both the Netflix series and the books (on sale today actually, $17 for all three paperbacks! Good deal). On Saturday, my parents and I watched Judas and the Black Messiah, which was okay; great acting by Daniel Kaluuya, whom I loved in Get Out, but a bit slow for me. It's based on a true story, though, which was interesting. I also tried watching The Map of Tiny Perfect Things on Prime and although that's normally the type of movie I like (teen romance movies), I couldn't get into it. Last night, I saw a screening of Cherry, also, which will be in theaters soon and on AppleTV+ in mid-March, and I really liked it.  
      2. Finishing up TV shows + starting new ones. I started watching Your Honor, with Bryan Cranston, this week; I've only seen two or three episodes so far, but it's really good. I finished up Married at First Sight season 5, and now I'm going to go back and watch season 2; there were some seasons I didn't finish since I didn't really like the cast members, so maybe I'll finish those too. I've also been watching the current season (season 12). I'm continuing to watch Greek (a rewatch for me) and Bunheads on Hulu, as well. 
      3. Drinking a lot of bubble tea. There is a new bubble tea place in Troy, at Crooks/Maple, called Onezo, and it's delicious ... they make their boba (bubbles) IN-HOUSE, which is really unusual for this area. I went on Saturday by myself and tried their Burny Caramel Milk Tea, which was okay, but I really liked the bubbles; on Sunday, for Valentine's Day, they were doing buy one get one half-off, so my boyfriend and I went, and he got a taro milk tea and I got the brown sugar dirty milk tea, with brown sugar boba, and that was fantastic—the boba was still warm. Highly recommend Onezo if you are in the area. 
      4. Following the news in Texas. It's pretty crazy, if you aren't up-to-date—I have a few friends who live there, one of whom is a former Michigander, and they didn't have power and heat for a few days. Now some of them have that back but no water. Also, Texas is apparently on its own power grid/infrastructure, separate from the rest of the U.S.? ... which I did not know. And they aren't used to having weather like this. 
      5. Accidentally losing my BJ's Wholesale card. Last Saturday, I was at the gas pump at BJ's, and I had two cards in my hand: my credit card and my BJ's card. When I got into my car, I heard a "clink" noise, like I had dropped something, and then I only had my credit card in my hand. I pulled over and looked all over my car, but couldn't find it; then I pulled back to the gas pump and looked there, also nothing. I went into the BJ's club (Madison Heights is my location) on Wednesday and they printed me a new one. I hate losing things though so it was frustrating that I couldn't find it ... better I lose that card vs. my credit card, I guess. 
      Brown sugar "dirty" milk tea with soy milk, from Onezo Troy
      Brown sugar "dirty" milk tea with soy milk, from Onezo Troy

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