The Friday Five, 2/26/21: 5 things I've been up to this week

Did not do very much this week, except try to get vaccine for people in Michigan and Massachusetts (my uncle, plus a friend's dad), so this week's Friday Five might be a little sparse. (related: if you're 65+ and looking for a Michigan or Ohio vaccine, email me! I've been lucky with the Rite-Aid site.)

Valentine's day meal: steak with creamy mushroom sauce, Brussels with balsamic & parmesan
Vday meal: steak with creamy mushroom sauce, Brussels with balsamic & parmesan

What I've been up to this week:
        1. Eating good food. After I cooked the Coq Au Vin recipe for my boyfriend last week, it was his turn to cook for me this week, and I chose filet mignon (beef tenderloin). He found a recipe online for filet mignon with a creamy mushroom sauce, and cooked the above meal for me, which was delicious ... probably one of the best meals I've had in the pandemic so far, and definitely the best steak. He paired it with a glass of Merlot (which was also used in the mushroom sauce) and some Brussels sprouts with balsamic vinegar and fresh parmesan. Pretty tasty! I also received EveryPlate boxes last week and this week ... because of last week's weather, everything, including the veggies, came in frozen, which wasn't good (= soggy defrosted veggies, eventually) but EP made it right by giving me a full credit towards my next box. Last night I made an EP pork tacos meal which was also tasty. 
        2. Getting takeout. Last Friday, my boyfriend and I got banh mi sandwiches from my favorite banh mi place, this tiny grocery store in Madison Heights called Saigon Market. They make the bread fresh, IN-HOUSE, and the sandwiches are only $4 each, which is a bargain; my favorite is the grilled pork, but the grilled chicken is good too, and they also offer fish and veggie options, I believe. We also got bubble tea from MeetFresh but it was $$ and not as good as Onezo or KFT (Kung Fu Tea). On Saturday, my parents and I got Jet's takeout, and on Sunday, Noodles & Co. had given me a free small entree in the app, so I did curbside at the Troy location, which was convenient. Today I'm excited because I have plans with a friend, for outdoor dining in Rochester ... I haven't seen any friends since December, for the most part! Plus the high is 40 today so it should be pleasant. 
        3. Finally finishing my mortgage refinance! I started this process back in DECEMBER and it finally finished on Monday! I believe the paperwork was in escrow since Monday and was finally filed last week. I'll be saving a hefty sum on my monthly payments, and the best part is, no more PMI! ("Private Mortgage Insurance"—an additional fee you pay per month if you put less than 20% down at your original closing) So I'm happy about that. 
        4. Got a free drink at Starbucks. I participate in their reward program/app, and yesterday I hadn't been out of the house since MONDAY, and needed to get out, so I ordered a free chai tea latte in their app, and did drive-thru at the Troy location (Crooks/Maple). The barista complimented my mask too, which was really nice of her. 
        5. Trying out new shows, and rewatching old movies. This week my boyfriend and I rewatched The Silence of the Lambs, and it was excellent. On Wednesday, I saw a screening of The Mauritanian, which I'd give 3.5/5 stars; the true story, however, is very interesting. I also tried a new Prime show, which I didn't really like (and I forget the name now, so no need to recommend it!); and I want to try out Ginny and Georgia, on Netflix, which released yesterday. I have an infusion appointment tomorrow so I'll probably look around on Netflix, Hulu, Prime, or HBO Max for a movie to watch, also, since it's about three hours long—drop me a note in the comment if you have any suggestions!
        Creamy Dijon Chicken, with zucchini and couscous, from EveryPlate
        Creamy Dijon Chicken, with zucchini and couscous, from EveryPlate

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