The Friday Five, 3/19/21: 5 things I've been up to this week

Working with about 7 hours of sleep today (maybe a lot for some, but not a lot for me, 9 hours is ideal for me) because I've been doing vaccine appointments all week. Some of the people's responses make it worth it though—people are excited to be able to see their grandchildren again, for example.

Nutella Mudslide, Peanut Butter, Macadamia, and Raspberry Cheesecake, from Crumbl Cookies
Nutella Mudslide, Peanut Butter, Macadamia, and Raspberry Cheesecake, from Crumbl Cookies

What I've been up to this week:
  1. Foodie adventures. Last Friday, we went to the Grand Opening of the new Crumbl Cookies, in Rochester Hills. I saw on their Facebook that they would be opening last week, and I was super excited because I've been to the Ann Arbor location and their cookies are fabulous. We each received a chocolate chip cookie for free, for attending and downloading the app, and then I bought the four cookies pictured above, all of which were pretty delicious. We also got takeout from Sukho Thai, across the street, which was also very good. 
  2. The Courier virtual movie screening. I had high hopes for this one, since it has a great cast—Mrs. Maisel (I forget her real name—Rachel Brosnahan, I believe) plus Benedict Cumberbatch. Although the acting was great, and the (true!) story was interesting, it was super, super slow, so I'd give it 3 stars out of 5. 
  3. Cooking. I had HelloFresh last week and I had Dinnerly this week. Last night I made their BBQ spiced steak, mashed sweet potatoes, and string beans recipe (see pic below); unfortunately, the steak was the weakest link of the recipe, though perhaps I didn't season it enough salt and pepper, and they only gave me one sweet potato. The recipe had a tip to add maple syrup to the sweet potato, though, which I did, and OMG—it was probably the best mashed sweet potatoes I had ever had. Has anyone else done that before? Next week I will be getting Home Chef, which is rare for me, but they gave me a $30 discount. 
  4. Takeout. Last Friday, we had our foodie day (or night, rather), as I mentioned above. On Saturday, my parents and I got Hungry Howie's takeout, which is always tasty, and on Wednesday, my boyfriend and I got Uncle Andy's Pizza, from Clawson, with a Groupon that I had purchased. We tried their Detroit-style pizza this time, and it was okay; however, their Chicago-style pizza, which we purchased last time, was fabulous. I still need to try their regular (circle) pizza so I'm going to buy another Groupon at some point. I think tonight my boyfriend and I may get Mr. Kabob for dinner, in Troy, too. 
  5. Watching a new Netflix show. I started watching Ginny and Georgia, and I really like it; I only have one episode left. I also want to watch Moxie, which is a new movie starring Amy Poehler, at some point, and my parents and I have been enjoying Miranda, on Hulu, which is probably the funniest show I've seen in the past five years or so. Call Me Kat is a spinoff of it, but not as funny—I think I've mentioned this here before, but the writer/actress of Miranda, Miranda Hart, is actually a writer on Call Me Kat, and some of the scenes were lifted straight from Miranda, which was interesting.
Dinnerly BBQ-spiced steak with mashed sweet potatoes and string beans
Dinnerly BBQ-spiced steak with mashed sweet potatoes and string beans

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