The Friday Five, 3/26/21: 5 things I've been up to this week

I guess the theme of this week is tacos, which I didn't realize until I looked at my Google Photos for this week, haha—I had Dinnerly Mexican street corn tacos on Saturday night, tried out a new (to me) taco restaurant in Clawson on Tuesday, for patio seating, and also had tacos and pupusas from El Guanaco (Troy) last night. 

Corn tacos from Whiskey Taco Foxtrot, Clawson
Corn tacos from Whiskey Taco Foxtrot, Clawson

What I've been up to this week:
  1. Patio dining. Tuesday was super warm, so my boyfriend and I wanted to do patio dining. I decided on Whiskey Taco Foxtrot—I had been there once before but at the time it was Montage Grill, about three summers ago—and the tacos were very tasty. They do $5 margarita specials for happy hour, Monday through Friday, 4-6pm or 3-6pm I believe, and the tacos were $4 each ... definitely more than El Guanaco down the street, but also more gourmet. The tacos in the picture are (L to R) shrimp taco, chicken with pico, and steak fajita; my tacos were the chicken with pico, steak chimichurri, and also fried avocado, which surprisingly (I'm more of a carnivore) ended up being my favorite. The steak one was also excellent and the chicken one was okay. Fun to do some people watching too (lots of doggos outside!) and dine "in" since I don't get to do that often. 
  2. Two virtual movie screenings. On Tuesday we watched a screening of Six Minutes to Midnight, which was just okay—maybe 2.5 out of 5 from me, although I love Judi Dench—and then yesterday I saw Boogie, which was written and directed by Eddie Huang, aka the inspiration for the TV show Fresh Off the Boat. I thought Boogie was pretty interesting, and I would give it 3.5/5 stars; I like "coming of age" stories, usually. 
  3. Weekly B12 shots. My doctor has decided I need these, because my B12 levels are lower than usual—normally I go to her Farmington office once a month for these. I called Beaumont and BCBS but unfortunately the shots are only 100% covered if given in a doctor's office, so now I am shlepping to Farmington (about a 30-35 min. drive from Clawson) one time a week, including today. However, I will stop by my parents' after today and have dinner with them—tomorrow they are coming to my place, because one of my Massachusetts cousins is having a Zoom wedding! (first Zoom wedding for me, too) 
  4. Takeout. Yesterday I was supposed to see my boyfriend but he had to work late, so I ended up getting El Guanaco from across the street (literally kitty corner from me)—I forgot how good (and inexpensive!) their stuff is. Tacos are $2.75 and pupusas—which are like fried pancakes stuffed with meat and other fillings—are only $1.95. I also always get their horchata, which is delicious, and that was only about $2.35 I think. Definitely reasonable prices, and they have a new outdoor patio too (basically a wooden structure in their parking lot, haha, but their actual dine-in area is really tiny, so it's a nice addition to it). I think last Friday my boyfriend and I got Mr. Kabob takeout, from Troy, and on Saturday we were in Detroit to pick up my Yelpy award (Takeout Queen ... haha!) and so we got takeout from Pie-Sci, which was phenomenal—we got their "Pickle Rick" pizza minus the bacon and beef, and also their "Toum Raider" one, which was drizzled with garlic sauce. Very tasty. On Saturday, my parents and I had Blaze Pizza takeout from Novi, too. 
  5. Attending a virtual conference for work. I attended the ABA (American Bakers Association) conference Monday through Tuesday for work, and you can read about that here
Dinnerly Mexican street corn tacos
Dinnerly Mexican street corn tacos

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